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Beep baseball player dives to the ground, just missing the baseball.

Events, Competitions, Workshops, and Trainings

To post your workshop or event benefiting an organization dedicated to helping individuals with visual impairments, blindness, and deafblindness, use this convenient form to tell us about it.

Ability 360 Sports & Fitness 3rd Annual Goalball Tournament

January 18-20, 2019
Phoenix, AZ
Registration deadline is December 15, 2018.

Workshop Ice Breaker

Looking for a great ice breaker for your vision or physical education workshop? Try the Braille Rap Song. Get your attendees up, tapping their toes, and stretching their arms to the ceiling. For the free download, visit: www.aph.org/research/the-braille-rap-song/

Tandem Cycling

For an ongoing list of events: www.tandemclub.org

2019 USABA Goalball Nationals Dates Announced

The 2019 USABA Goalball National Championships tournament will be held at Georgia Blind Sports in Atlanta, Georgia, May 24-26, 2019. Goalball Nationals

2019 Beep Baseball World Series

The NBBA 2019 Beep Baseball World Series will be held in Tulsa, Oklahoma, from Sunday, July 28 to Sunday, August 4, 2019. Beep Baseball World Series

To view all USABA hosted sporting events across the country annually, visit www.usaba.org/events

A girl swims butterfly stroke.

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