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Adapted Obstacle Course!

diagram of floor layout for the sample course with each obstacle labeled

Obstacles Used

  1. 50 foot Guidewire Run
  2. Crawl Under
  3. Walk on Beam (4" by 4" by 12′)
  4. Log Rolls
  5. Four Standing Broad Jumps Over Foam Blocks
  6. Swing Along Monkey Bars
  7. Jump Rope Five Times
  8. Three Tries at Basket (Basketball Free-throws)
  9. Innertube Walk
  10. Run to Sound Source

Notes and Suggestions

Creating the obstacle course around the wall allows the student to trail along the wall to the next station. Guidewires can be used between stations also.

Obstacle 1. To start, the guidewire can be tied to a door knob or moveable volleyball pole. Wrap tape or tie a knot 5 feet before the end of the guidewire and the other volleyball pole to warn the student that the guidewire is ending.

Obstacle 7. A rope taped to the floor in a circle shape can designate the jump rope area.

Obstacle 8. A straight rope can be taped to the floor to guide the student to the free throw line. A sound emmiting ball can be used and or have someone tap the rim of the basketball goal with a cane or stick.

Obstacle 9. A rope can be taped in a straight line on the floor to guide the student from the free throw line to the inner tubes.

Obstacle 10. This is a free run. No guidewire is used. The student should practice sound localization skills by running to the sound source. Trail the wall to #1 and start over.

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