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First International Blind Tennis Congress

Agreements Reached at the First International Blind Tennis Congress
McAllen, Texas and Reynosa, Mexico
February 8-13, 2014

Countries Represented

Type of Mask

Each country uses a standard Paralympic mask for B1.

Type of Racket

Any racket accepted by the International Tennis Federation (ITF) in accordance with court size.


ITF Rules



Sight Classification

International Blind Sports Federation (ISBA) (Unanimous)

Size of the Court

Type of Ball

For 12 months from the date of the first international tournament, all tournaments will use the current Japanese ball. The host country organizers will decide whether to use a black or yellow ball depending on the colors of the venue. (Unanimous)

Requirements to Play International Tournaments

All players must be affiliated to the federation/association of their country. Players will not be accepted into a tournament without an official sight classification provided by IBSA. The national federation or association from each country will determine which players attend international tournaments. (Unanimous)

International Blind Tennis Association (IBTA)

Establish in McAllen, Texas on February 13, 2014

Note: B4 regulations are pending until the 2nd International Blind Tennis Congress.
To see a copy of the original, signed agreement creating the IBTA, go to

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