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Assistive Technology and Electronics

Assistive Technology and Electronics Products

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Spinner Overlays for the Light Box

Improve a learner’s visual discrimination and recognition capabilities with these customizable overlays.


Catalog Number: 1-08692-00

Federal Quota Eligible

91 in stock


Stereo Headphones with Ear Cushions and Volume Control

Headphones with a 3.5 mm miniplug and ear cushions.


Catalog Number: 1-18986-01

Federal Quota Eligible

333 in stock


Studio Recorder Software: Digital Download

Studio Recorder software contains many features that make recording, editing, and proofreading digital audio books easy.


Catalog Number: D-03600-ED

Federal Quota Eligible


Sunu Band

Using radar and haptic feedback, Sunu Band is an intelligent travel aid which enables people who are blind or who…


Catalog Number: 1-03140-00

Not Federal Quota Eligible

17 in stock


Table Top Cassette Tape Recorder-Player: Carrying Case with Shoulder Strap – ON SALE

Optional item for Table Top Cassette Tape Recorder/Player.


Catalog Number: 1-07010-00

Federal Quota Eligible

222 in stock


TactPlus Printer and Paper Bundle

The TactPlus printer, with its specialty capsule paper, is the perfect tactile printing solution for the office, classroom, or at...


Catalog Number: 1-08062-00

Not Federal Quota Eligible


TactPlus Printer Paper

Capsule paper for use with the TactPlus Printer.


Catalog Number: 1-08061-00

Not Federal Quota Eligible


Talking Cooking Thermometer

A “must have” item to make everyday living easier!


Catalog Number: 1-03992-00

Not Federal Quota Eligible

224 in stock


Talking Typer for Windows, CD-ROM

Help students improve their typing skills with this self-voicing softwere.


Catalog Number: D-03430-01

Federal Quota Eligible

29 in stock


Turbo 6 Talking Battery Charger: Spanish Kit – ON SALE

Turbo 6 Talking Battery Charger helps visually impaired users charge batteries independently.


Catalog Number: 1-03965-SP

Federal Quota Eligible

5 in stock


Typer Online

With Typer Online, students can sharpen their typing skills with drills, practice lessons, and a keyboard explorer.

Catalog Number: D-19914-OL

Not Federal Quota Eligible


Video Mag HD

The Video Mag HD is a durable and kid-friendly, handheld video magnifier.


Catalog Number: 1-03914-00

Federal Quota Eligible

79 in stock