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Armadillo Army Software: CD-ROM

Help Tex escape the armadillos! An arcade-style educational maze game created especially for players with low vision — can also be played by blind students.


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This arcade-style educational game was created especially for players with low vision. In Armadillo Army™ the main character, Tex, navigates a series of increasingly difficult mazes, picking up various items along the way. At the same time, he must evade a band of armadillos traveling through the maze with him. The game contains bright, large graphics, as well as meaningful sound elements.

Armadillo Army gives low-vision students practice with lateral eye movements, vertical eye movements, searching skills, timing skills, visual discrimination skills, peripheral detection skills, eccentric viewing skills, and eye-hand coordination. Students who are blind can play the game using its sound cues. A player can play alone, or with a friend. This type of arcade-style game builds confidence while giving students with visual impairments common ground for discussion and interaction with their peers.

Download a free demo of Armadillo Army from this page: the Download link at the top of the page. See below to learn how to turn this demo into a full copy of Armadillo Army.

Armadillo Army: Digital Download: D-03400-ED — $39.00