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CVI Complexity Sequences, eBook and Interactive Cards

This EPUB version of CVI Complexity Sequences was specifically developed for use with tablet devices.

Note: This product is available via iBooks.

Federal Quota Eligible

Catalog Number: D-03610-ED

Product Description

CVI Complexity Sequences eBook and Interactive Cards has the same information and content as the CVI Complexity Sequences Kit (1-08156-00). The eBook edition also includes an interactive feature: successfully touching the target image results in an audio response that acknowledges the action. The CVI Complexity Sequences Kit includes cards that present sequences of images designed to help students identify a target image in the presence of increasing amounts of background information. These cards may be used individually or as a sequence and should be presented against a black or plain, light-absorbing background.

Note: Users are allowed to load the CVI Complexity Sequences ePub onto two devices simultaneously for the purpose of using the complexity images on one device while referring to the electronic guidebook on the other device.

Price: $9.99

  • Federal Quota Funds: Available

    Product Type: Toys Games and Puzzles

    Grade: Preschool and up

    • Guidebook, electronic format
    • Same ten sets of eight images as the print kit, in an electronic format
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