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Catalog Number: A-L01328-00

ISBN: 978-0-13-327637-4


Product Description

Common Core Aligned: Connected Mathematics 3 embraces the essence of the Common Core State Standards at a deep and organic level, starting with its CCSS-aligned tables of contents through its instructional philosophy with emphasis on inquiry, problem-solving strategies and applications. CMP3 students learn to communicate their reasoning by constructing viable arguments, offering proofs, and using representations. These approaches, which are aligned with the Standards for Mathematical Practice, are explicitly woven within the content of the curriculum and connected to the Common Core Content Standards.
Technology Optimized: CMP3 uses technology to help teachers implement with fidelity, thus raising student achievement. Easy-to-use mobile tools help with classroom management and capture student work on the go. ExamView delivers a full suite of assessment tools, and MathXL provides individualized skills practice. 21st century social networking technology connects CMP3 teachers, while students benefit from interactive digital student pages that allow for instantaneous sharing and more effective group work.
Problem-Centered, Student-Centered: Through the launch, explore, summarize instructional model, students investigate rich problems leading to the understanding and development of higher order thinking skills and problem-solving strategies.
Author-Driven: Through the expertise of consistent university-based authors, CMP3 is a comprehensive program where students gain a deep understanding of math across strands and grade levels. Through extensive field testing, the problems were developed, implemented, and revised in order to create an effective curriculum. — Publisher

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