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Magnetism and Electricity


Federal Quota Eligible

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Catalog Number: A-L01076-00

ISBN: 1-58356-835-2

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Product Description

FOSS Science Stories are an integral part of the Full Option Science System, a science program for elementary schools. In the FOSS program, students first investigate real objects and organisms in the module activities and through these hand-on experiences begin to construct their ideas about the natural world. Then they extend their understanding by reading FOSS Science Stories. FOSS Science Stories include:
Narrative Tales: Fictional adventures in which the main characters have experiences that relate to the science students learned in class.
Expository Articles: Informative articles that increase students' knowledge of science.
Technical Reading: Selections that ask students to follow detailed procedures.
Historical Accounts: Stories about important people and events that are part of the history of science. — Publisher

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