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MiniBook Slate with Styluses

MiniBook materials help braille users jot notes as quickly as their sighted peers!


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Catalog Number: 1-07850-00

Product Description

APH’s MiniBook gives braille users the ability to get materials out and ready to write as quickly as their sighted peers. Pull the MiniBook spiral notebook out of your pocket and begin to write on the MiniSlate in just a few seconds!

  • MiniBook Slate with Styluses: This tiny slate has four lines, 15 cells per line. The cells have side indentations, making it easy to find the dot you want to make. It comes with three styluses: saddle, tall flat, and short flat. Choose the one that fits your hand most comfortably.
  • Mini Spiral Notebook (2 pk) – sold separately (1-07853-00): Even smaller than the binder, the Mini Spiral Notebook includes 50 pages perforated for easy removal. Fasten the slate to the first blank page, then when you pull the notebook out of your pocket, you’re ready to write!

A few things that you can do with MiniBook materials are:

  • Keep a Mini Spiral Notebook, Slate, and Stylus by the phone to jot down quick messages.
  • Use one Mini Spiral for each purpose: for example, one for your to-do list, and another for names and phone numbers.
  • Weight: 0.11 lbs

    Dimensions: 8.1 × 10.95 × 0.9 in

    Federal Quota Funds: Available

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