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Sticky Dots Adhesive

Tactile graphics projects are made easier with these sheets of sticky dots — make any lightweight object self-adhesive!


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Catalog Number: 1-08452-00


Tactile graphics projects are easier with Sticky Dots — make any lightweight object self-adhesive! Sticky Dots Adhesive, included with APH’s Rolling Right Along Construction Kit, is now available separately. A convenient and quick solution to the problem of slow glue-drying time often needed for creating collage graphics, tactile books, worksheets, maps, adapted game boards, etc. These sheets of self-adhesive dots allow you to transfer the dots to a wide range of materials, e.g., felt, craft foam, textured paper, etc. Press a pre-cut shape onto the Sticky Dots sheet, lift to transfer dots to the back of the shape, and then permanently affix the shape onto a page. Package includes eight 8.5 x 11 inch sheets in a tear-off pad.

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