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Wilson Reading System, Student Reader Two, Braille – ON SALE

The Wilson Reading System® (WRS) is a research-based reading and writing program.


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Catalog Number: 6-79503-00

ISBN: 1-56778-068-7

Product Description

The Wilson Reading System® (WRS) is a research-based reading and writing program. It is a complete curriculum for teaching decoding and encoding (spelling), beginning with phoneme segmentation. Unlike other programs that overwhelm the student with rules, the language system of English is presented in a systematic and cumulative manner so that it is manageable. WRS provides an organized, sequential system with extensive controlled text to help teachers implement a multi-sensory structured language program.
  • WRS directly teaches the structure of words so that students master the coding system for reading and spelling.
  • Many students who benefit from WRS have deficiencies in phonologic awareness and/or orthographic processing which makes it challenging for them to learn to read and spell without a systematic multi-sensory approach.
  • WRS is widely used with upper elementary students, adolescents, and adults.


This system specifically addresses the learning style of students with a language-based learning disability; however, it is beneficial to any student lacking basic reading and spelling skills.


For more information and professional development opportunities on the use of the program, please visit:


The braille edition of Wilson Student Reader Two is on sale. Original price: $17.00. Available while supplies last.

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