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Detailed Purchasing Information for Quota Customers

Overview of Quota Purchases: JAWS® – ZoomText® – MAGic® Suite

General Purchasing Information

Purchasing Instructions Using Quota Funds

JAWS – ZoomText – MAGic Suite, One-Year Subscription:
D-11001-ED — $300.00

Note: The Home Edition SMA is not available with Federal Quota funds.

Note: JAWS – ZoomText – MAGic Suite licenses may be purchased any time during the year and multiple licenses may be purchased on a single Quota order. You will receive the Serial Number(s) and Authorization Code(s) very shortly after placing your order, but these may be held and activated at a later date. The 12-month period for each subscription does not begin until the date of activation.

Installation and Licensing Terms

After the Student Graduates from Grade 12

Example Subscription for a 4th Grade Student

Students who are added to the subscription package in fourth grade would, after four years, have a license and all benefits, including updates, transferred to them for continued use until they leave high school, for free. At that time, they may continue to use the software, but they will be required to pay for the SMA to continue receiving updates and additional benefits.

JAWS – ZoomText – MAGic Suite Subscription After Grade 12

Students may transition to the Home Edition Service Maintenance Agreement (SMA) AFTER purchasing four years of JAWS – ZoomText – MAGic Suite subscriptions at $300 per year. After four years of Student subscriptions, the student license will turn into fully-licensed JAWS, ZoomText Magnifier/Reader, ZoomText Fusion Home, or MAGic Home Editions. If a student is in the latter part of his or her elementary school work, he or she may continue to purchase JAWS – ZoomText – MAGic Suite subscriptions even after graduating from grade 12, as long as the subscription is started while the student is working at grade 12 or under.

Example of Transitioning a Subscription After Grade 12

The first year of a JAWS – ZoomText – MAGic Suite subscription is purchased for a student in grade 12 for $300 (the first year can be purchased either using Quota funds or non-Quota funds). When the student graduates from high school, the second year of the four-year subscription MUST be purchased for the student for $300, but ONLY with non-Quota funds. In this example, a college-bound student would use non-Quota funds to purchase the second year for $300 as a college freshman, the third year for $300 as sophomore, and the fourth year for $300 as a junior. As a college senior, he or she can then opt to transition to the SMA for $120 for two years.