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Pro Forma Invoice Request Form for International Customers

How It Works

Because of the wide variety of choices and costs involved with shipping international orders, we cannot process international orders with our online shopping cart. We can offer you the convenience of this online pro forma invoice request form as an alternative to having to phone or fax your order to us. Simply fill in the form below and submit your order. We will calculate the shipping and email you a pro forma invoice indicating your total costs.

Certain items ordered by or for visually impaired people can be shipped to most overseas destinations via Free Matter for the Blind (surface mail). These include, but are not limited to, books, paper, and slates/styluses. The shipping charges for all other APH items must be paid by the customer. We recommend shipment by Priority Mail International® (air mail), as surface mail is slow. All export and/or import duties, brokerage fees, etc., are paid by the customer. Please check with your customs broker to make arrangements in advance. If you have questions about international ordering, please email our customer service department at email hidden; JavaScript is required.

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Part One: Contact and Shipping Information

Please fill out the address information for where you want your order shipped:

Part Two: Order Information

Please fill out the product information for your order. Be sure to include the catalog number. You can order up to ten different products using this form. If you need to order more than ten different products, please re-use the form.

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