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Welcome to our Quick Tips Videos archive page. This page features nearly every Quick Tips video ever made.

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video cover image6/27/2018: The 2018 National Braille Challenge

The 2018 National Braille Challenge just took place in Los Angeles, California and APH was there!( Download 2018 National Braille Challenge video)

video cover image6/20/2018: APH Sound Balls

APH Sound Balls are perfect for helping children with blindness and visual impairments learn skills such as throwing, catching, jumping, and kicking.( Download APH Sound Balls video)

video cover image6/13/2018: Tactile Globe

Tactile Globe – Touching the World… It’s a whole new experience with the Tactile Globe! (Download Tactile Globe video)

video cover image6/6/2018: The Lighting Guide Kit

The Lighting Guide Kit includes APH’s Better Vision Lamp and the large print booklet entitled What Teachers of Students With Visual Impairments Need to Know About Lighting. (Download Lighting Guide Kit video)

video cover image5/30/2018: Feel ‘n’ Peel Stickers Braille-Print Capital Letters

Feel ‘n’ Peel Stickers Braille-Print Capital Letters are multi-use letter stickers that are embossed on clear, durable plastic. (Download Feel ‘n’ Peel Stickers Braille-Print Capital Letters video)

video cover image5/23/2018: Best for a Nest (UEB)

Best for a Nest in UEB is an interactive print/braille storybook that provides opportunities, through use of its storyboard and manipulatives, for learners to focus on a host of concepts including position of objects, directionality and prepositional phrases, and comparisons. (Download Best for a Nest (UEB) video)

video cover image5/16/2018: Expanded Dolch Word Cards, UEB

Expanded Dolch Word Cards, UEB are flashcards that include 220 sight vocabulary words and 95 words with pictures.(Download Expanded Dolch Word Cards video)

video cover image5/9/2018: The Keitzer Check-Writing Guide

The Keitzer Check-Writing Guide is a tool that allows you to feel the locations of the various blanks on a standard sized check and write in the correct areas.(Download The Keitzer Check-Writing Guidevideo)

video cover image5/2/2018: Color Star®

Color Star® recognizes color shades, identifies contrast measurements, recognizes the colors of LED lights, perceives light intensity, and recognizes patterns – all with clear spoken voice output.(Download Color Star video)

video cover image4/25/2018: Adapting Science for Students with Visual Impairments

Adapting Science for Students with Visual Impairments: A Handbook for the Classroom Teacher and Teacher of the Visually Impaired assists teachers in making operational science activities accessible.(Download Adapting Science for Students with Visual Impairments video)

video cover image4/18/2018: History in the Making

History in the Making: The Story of the American Printing House for the Blind, 1858-2008 is a handsome keepsake book that describes the rich history of the American Printing House for the Blind.(Download History in the Making video)

video cover image4/11/2018: Scattered Crowns

Scattered Crowns: Tactile Attribute Game is a fun, versatile board game that encourages young children, especially those with visual impairments and blindness, to develop tactile skills. (Download Scattered Crowns video)

video cover image4/4/2018: A Touch

A Touch! What a perfect picture book to help teach young children with blindness and visual impairments pre-braille and pre-literacy skills! (Download A Touch video)

video cover image3/28/2018: Snap Circuits Jr. Access Kit

Have fun learning all about electronics with the Snap Circuits Jr. Access Kit!(Download Snap Circuits Jr. Access Kit video)

video cover image3/21/2018: Holy Moly!

Pre-braille and tactile skills made fun!(Download Holy Moly! video)

video cover image3/14/2018: Tactile Algebra Tiles

We’re making algebra accessible so that students with visual impairments and blindness can tackle math problems alongside their sighted peers! (Download Tactile Algebra Tiles video)

video cover image3/7/2018: Our Core Values, Part 3: Grow

In our Quick Tips lately, we’ve been discussing our core values. This final Quick Tip in the series focuses on the core value of Grow. (Download this video)

video cover image2/28/2018: Our Core Values, Part 2: Innovate

This is the second of three Quick Tips focusing on our core values. This video is devoted to the value: Innovate. See the first video: Respect (Download this video)

video cover image2/21/2018: Our Core Values, Part 1: Respect

Three giant banners adorn our main hallway on the first floor near the production area. Our core values of Respect, Innovation, and Growth are emblazoned across them. (Download this video)

video cover image2/14/2018: Slide, Twist ‘N Solve

Hey! Check out the Slide, Twist ‘n’ Solve Tactile Brain Teaser! (Download this video)

video cover image2/7/2018: Music Braille Code 2015

Here’s music to your ears! Music Braille Code 2015 is now available! (Download this video)

video cover image1/31/2018: We Celebrate our 160th Anniversary!

Guess who’s 160! We are! (Download this video)

video cover image1/24/2018: Increasing Complexity Pegboard

Children diagnosed with CVI frequently have difficulty in understanding objects presented in a complex array. The Increasing Complexity Pegboard provides materials for parents and teachers to create background templates specifically for their learners. (Download this video)

video cover image1/17/2018: Color-By-Texture Circus Coloring Pages

We’re making art accessible with the Color-By-Texture Circus Coloring Pages in order to stir your students’ creative juices! (Download this video)

video cover image1/10/2018: Rolling Right Along Construction Kit

Here’s a way to make customized tactile books! (Download this video)

video cover image1/3/2018: Rolling Into Place

Rolling Into Place, a unique interactive storybook, teaches and reinforces important hand skills and basic directional concepts. (Download this video)


video cover image12/13/2017: An APH Night Before Christmas

Who else is ready for some holiday fun? (Download this video)

video cover image12/6/2017: Individual Calendar Kit

Help kids get ready for the new year with the Individual Calendar Kit! (Download this video)

video cover image11/29/2017: Holiday Gift Ideas

Tune in to the talk show, “APH Talk” to get some holiday gift ideas for artists in your life! (Download this video)

video cover image11/22/2017: 2018 InSights Art Calendar

The APH InSights Art Calendar for 2018 features the work of artists with visual impairments, and is suitable for anyone who enjoys things unique and inventive in nature. (Download this video)

video cover image11/15/2017: The Joy Player Cartridge Field Test

The American Printing House for the Blind seeks field test sites to test a newly designed digital cartridge for the Joy Player. (Download this video)

video cover image11/8/2017: The Reach and Match Learning Kit

The Reach and Match Learning Kit is an innovative system for students with sensory impairment and other special needs to help them learn while engaging with their peers. (Download this video)

video cover image11/1/2017: Tactile Compass for Math and Art

The Tactile Compass for Math and Art is an excellent assistive tool that enables students who are visually impaired to draw tactile circles. (Download this video)

video cover image10/25/2017: Pegs and Pegboard

Get your students’ attention and foster visual development, eye-hand coordination, awareness of spatial relationships, and matching and sequencing skills with the Pegs and Pegboard! (Download this video)

video cover image10/18/2017: APH Annual Meeting 2017

The APH Annual Meeting is like a yearly homecoming for those in the blindness field, giving us opportunities to catch up, meet new people, and network with old friends and acquaintances. (Download this video)

video cover image10/4/2017: NewT

There’s a new APH kit in town! It’s called NewT: New Tools and Activities for use with APH’s Functional Vision and Learning Media Assessment. (Download this video)

video cover image9/27/2017: Explorer Bright Ray

The Explorer Bright Ray is a new head-worn LED lamp to help adults and students with so many activities! (Download this video)

video cover image9/20/2017: Slapstack Math

Slapstack Math is an action and memory game that uses virtual math flash cards instead of playing cards. (Download this video)

video cover image9/13/2017: ECC Icon Poster

The ECC Icon Poster is a wall-sized print/tactile poster that lists the Expanded Core Curriculum skills important for the specialized instruction of blind and visually impaired students. (Download this video)

video cover image9/6/2017: Paint by Number Safari™ Tropical Rainforest

Tropical Rainforest is the first of the Paint by Number Safari™ Series. This coloring series is for children and adults who wish to learn about art, nature, and real world colors. (Download this video)

video cover image8/30/2017: The Protein Synthesis Kit

The Protein Synthesis Kit builds upon the DNA-RNA Kit and provides students who are blind and visually impaired with another sturdy and dependable model for molecular biology. (Download this video)

video cover image8/23/2017: The Solar Eclipse at APH

On August 21st, 2017 during the solar eclipse that journeyed across the US, for the first time in history, individuals could experience a tactile representation of an eclipse that changed in real time. (Download this video)

video cover image8/16/2017: Bear Hunt in UEB!

Bear Hunt, an award-winning tactile book, is an exceptional vehicle for building a foundation for early literacy. It provides the perfect recipe to stir up a desire to read in young emergent and early braille readers, as well as readers of all ages and visual abilities. (Download this video)

video cover image8/9/2017: A Closer Look at Field Services Events

What does an APH Field Services event look like? Here’s just one example! (Download this video)

video cover image8/2/2017: National Instructional Partnership (NIP) Events

APH sponsors National Instructional Partnership Events with experts in the field to initiate national, state, and regional training opportunities for parents, consumers, and personnel who serve children who are visually impaired. (Download this video)

video cover image7/26/2017: Sense-able Ways to Build Tactile Literacy Skills

Karen Poppe, Tactile Graphics Project Leader, recently presented a session entitled “Sense-able Ways to Build Tactile Literacy Skills” (PPT) at the AER International Orientation and Mobility Conference in Pittsburgh, PA. (Download this video)

video cover image7/19/2017: Six Little Dots

The tactile book entitled Six Little Dots encourages fingertip texture discrimination and exposure to spatial concepts, while also introducing children to braille dot positions and names. (Download this video)

video cover image7/12/2017: Enter the Unforgettable APH Star Video Contest!

The American Printing House for the Blind makes it easy for anyone to enter the Unforgettable APH Star Contest! Cash prizes will be awarded to the top videos! (Download this video)

video cover image7/6/2017: Match-It-Up Frames

Match–It-Up Frames can be used by parents and teachers to custom-design activities addressing specific learning needs of students who are blind and visually impaired, as well as those with multiple disabilities. (Download this video)

video cover image6/28/2017: Braille Tales

By enrolling in the Braille Tales Print/Braille Book Program, participating families receive six free print/braille books each year until the child reaches his/her 6th birthday. (Download this video)

video cover image6/21/2017: Tactile Clothing Tape

Tactile Clothing Tape from APH allows braille readers to keep colors and other information about their clothing and linens exactly where they need it: attached to the item and ready to be read. (Download this video)

video cover image6/14/2017: Light in-Sight

The Light In-Sight: Reflection and Refraction Kit enables science and physics students who are visually impaired to construct ray diagrams related to light reflection and refraction. (Download this video)

video cover image6/7/2017: STACS

Teach vocabulary to learners who have no means of formal communication with STACS: The Standardized Tactile Augmentative Communication Symbols Kit. (Download this video)

video cover image5/31/2017: Push Button Padlock

With the Push Button Padlock, you can have a combination that’s accessible only to you! (Download this video)

video cover image5/24/2017: Bright Shapes Knob Puzzle

The Bright Shapes Knob Puzzle is a fun kit whose components were designed for the early childhood population, focusing on those children with fine motor delays. (Download this video)

video cover image5/16/2017: Number Line Device

The APH Number Line Device is a math aid that helps students who are blind and visually impaired comprehend abstract numerical concepts. (Download this video)

video cover image5/10/2017: Tactile Skills Matrix

Use the Tactile Skills Matrix to locate APH products that support the development of skills and concepts that contribute to students’ tactile literacy. (Download this video)

video cover image5/3/2017: Sheet Music in the APH File Repository

New sheet music has been added to the APH File Repository! Follow these instructions from Liz Schaller of Resource Services, to find the titles you’re looking for. (Download this video)

video cover image4/26/2017: Visual Brailler

Visual Brailler is a braille writer and simple editor for your iPad, and it has a place in every braille transcriber’s toolbox! (Download this video)

video cover image4/19/2017: Math Robot

APH’s Math Robot™, a math drill and practice app, was designed for students who are blind and visually impaired as well as sighted students, making it ideal for use by an entire class. (Download this video)

video cover image4/12/2017: Echolocation and FlashSonar

The book entitled Echolocation and FlashSonar provides research, case examples, instructional approaches, and practice exercises that can lead to mastery of echolocation skills. (Download this video)

video cover image4/5/2017: BrailleBlaster, Part 3

Find out about BrailleBlaster’s three on-screen views, the available style options, and the REAL Plan, of which BrailleBlaster’s development is a part. (See BrailleBlaster, Part 1; BrailleBlaster, Part 2) (Download this video)

video cover image3/29/2017: Spinner Overlays for the Light Box

The Spinner Overlays for the Light Box collection is designed to support the individual needs of learners diagnosed with Cortical Visual Impairment, commonly called CVI, or those with low vision. (Download this video)

video cover image3/22/2017: BrailleBlaster, Part 2

Check out BrailleBlaster’s myriad features that significantly speed up the braille transcription process! Then, download your free copy of this amazing software for beta testing! (See BrailleBlaster, Part 1; BrailleBlaster, Part 3) (Download this video)

video cover image3/15/2017: How to Become a Field Tester

Want to be a vital part of the APH product development process? Become a field evaluator! (Download this video)

video cover image3/8/2017: BrailleBlaster, Part 1 — Introduction

Currently, APH is beta-testing BrailleBlaster software, a revolutionary new tool for braille transcribers and others who need to produce high-quality braille material quickly and efficiently! Find out more in this Quick Tip! (See BrailleBlaster, Part 2; BrailleBlaster, Part 3) (Download this video)

video cover image2/22/2017: Teaching Spatial Concepts with Picture Maker

The Picture Maker Wheatley Tactile Diagramming Kit is one of APH’s most versatile products, and can be used for many activities — one being to teach spatial concepts. (Download this video)

video cover image2/15/2017: Tactile Editing Marks Kit

Use the Tactile Editing Marks Kit with students who read and write in braille to support the literary and research writing process. (Download this video)

video cover image2/8/2017: The Sensory Learning Kit

The Sensory Learning Kit is an extensive set of sensory items and written materials that help the most significantly challenged learners increase their curiosity and, in turn, develop specific skills related to basic communication. (Download this video)

video cover image2/1/2017: JAWS® and MAGic® Student Edition!

Freedom Scientific and the American Printing House for the Blind have partnered to make a JAWS® and MAGic® Student Edition package available to K-12 students in the U.S. using Federal Quota funds! (Download this video)

video cover image1/25/2017: Little Breath of Wind, UEB Compliant

Little Breath of Wind, an adorable print/braille book with rich tactile illustrations, has now been made UEB-compliant! (Download this video)

video cover image1/18/2017: Fred’s Head from APH

The Fred’s Head from APH blog contains tips, techniques, tutorials, in-depth articles, information and resources by and for people who are blind and visually impaired. (Download this video)

video cover image1/11/2017: Denna Lambert’s Keynote Address

At our recent Annual Meeting, the opening session was a wonderful story of success as our keynote speaker, Denna Lambert, shared her personal journey of boldness, strength, and the power of working together to reach goals. (Download this video)

video cover image1/4/2017: Gross Motor Development Curriculum

The Gross Motor Development Curriculum for Children With Visual Impairments by the American Printing House for the Blind is a new curriculum written by Dr. Pamela Haibach and Dr. Lauren Lieberman. (Download this video)


video cover image12/21/2016: Outtakes from the Cutting Room Floor

For our last Quick Tip of 2016, have a laugh with us as we enjoy some Quick Tips outtakes! (Download this video)

video cover image12/14/2016: Holiday Gift Ideas for Picky People

APH wants to help you get just the right thing for those hard-to-buy-for types on your list: History in the Making: The Story of the American Printing House for the Blind, 1858-2008, APH Special Touch T-Shirt, Accessible Magazine Subscriptions. (Download this video)

video cover image12/7/2016: Early Childhood Gift Recommendations

Baby, it’s cold outside! And, speaking of babies, here are some great gift recommendations for babies and young children in your life: Spangle Tangle, Sound Adapted Tangle Balls, Little Paths. (Download this video)

video cover image11/23/2016: Board Game Gift Ideas!

Just in time for the Winter Holidays, here are some APH board games that make great gifts: Web Chase, Touch ’em All Baseball, Game Kit. (Download this video)

video cover image11/16/2016: Using the EZeeCOUNT Abacus to Make a 10×10 Array

Here’s how to use the EZeeCount Abacus as a 10-by-10 array to illustrate multiplication tables! (Download this video)

video cover image11/9/2016: Louis Plus

Emmy Malinovsky, APHSpecial Collections Librarian, discusses some of the advantages of using the Louis Plus database to locate accessible materials. (Download this video)

video cover image11/2/2016: Teaching Street Crossing

Teaching Street Crossing to Students with Visual Impairments addresses gaining street-crossing competency against the backdrop of three different theories of learning—skills-based, behavioral, and Piagetian. (Download this video)

video cover image10/26/2016: Tactile Graphic Line Slate

Check out this one-of-a-kind slate that helps you create raised lines for tactile graphics onto various media like braille paper, vinyl, foil, and drawing film. (Download this video)

video cover image10/19/2016: Rib-It Ball

Aaron Rouby, a COMS from Newton, MA, tells us about the Rib-It Ball! (Download this video)

video cover image10/12/2016: Bold. Strong. Together!

A recap of the 148th APH Annual Meeting. (Download this video)

video cover image9/28/2016: Draw2Measure Protractor App

This handy iOS app allows students to measure angles in two ways! (Download this video)

video cover image9/21/2016: Little Paths

Little Paths, a tactile book for emergent braille readers, is ideal for promoting tracking skills and encouraging texture discrimination. (Download this video)

video cover image9/14/2016: Video Mag HD Handheld Video Magnifier

American Printing House for the Blind and Freedom Scientific have partnered to develop the Video Mag HD, a durable, handheld, high definition video magnifier! (Download this video)

video cover image9/7/2016: Color-By-Texture Marking Mats

With APH’s Color-By-Texture Marking Mats, individuals with blindness and visual impairments can get in on the fun, relaxing hobby of coloring! (Download this video)

video cover image8/31/2016: Louis, AMP, and UEB

What’s happening with regard to Unified English Braille in Louis and AMP? Let’s find out! (Download this video)

video cover image8/24/2016: EZ Track Products

EZ Track is a multi-faceted line of products designed particularly for people with low vision. They feature large print, easy-to-use binder formatting, and special accessories as aids in organizing important day-to-day activities. (Download this video)

video cover image8/17/2016: World Maps

Find out all about these thermoformed tactile maps representing countries, continents, and regions of the world! (Download this video)

video cover image8/10/2016: Using the Menu on the Interactive US Map

Project leader, Karen Poppe, tells us all about the menu bar on the bottom margin of the Interactive US Map with Talking Tactile Pen. (Download this video)

video cover image8/3/2016: Swirly Mat Sets: Version II

Kristie Smith, a TVI, discusses fun uses for Swirly Mat Sets: Version II! (Download this video)

video cover image7/27/2016: The Wilson Digital Voice Recorder, Version 6

Record notes, lists, phone numbers, directions and more on APH’s new upgrade of the Wilson Digital Voice Recorder! (Download this video)

video cover image7/20/2016: The All-In-One Board

Kristie Smith, a TVI from Texas, talks about how versatile the All-In-One Board is! (Download this video)

video cover image7/13/2016: UltraLens

Screen out blue and UV light with UltraLens glasses as you tackle your daily activities! (Download this video)

video cover image7/6/2016: Building on Patterns

Kristie Smith, a TVI from Texas tells us why she loves Building on Patterns! (Download this video)

video cover image6/29/2016: The Game Kit

Find out all about the Game Kit and its components and uses from Kerry Isham, Field Services Representative and Kristie Smith, a TVI from Texas! (Download this video)

video cover image6/22/2016: The JOY Player and File Uploads

Read books and upload your own music onto DTB cartridges for the Joy Player! Find out how to upload your own mp3 and wav files in this week’s Quick Tip! (Download this video)

video cover image6/15/2016: VIPS@Home: Special Education

Find out about the third installment in this exciting series! For more info on VIPS@Home, check out this video, too. (Download this video)

video cover image6/8/2016: APH Film Fest 2016

Popcorn anyone? This summer’s APH Film Fest is here, showing films featuring major characters that have blindness: June 11, 2016 “The Miracle Worker” (1962); July 9, 2016 “Daredevil” (2003); and August 13, 2016 “The Book of Eli” (2010). (Download this video)

video cover image6/1/2016: Rare Louis Braille Book

See the first book describing and explaining braille code at the APH Museum! (Download this video)

video cover image5/25/2016: EZ Test Battery Tester

Independently test your batteries with this handy device! (Download this video)

video cover image5/18/2016: Creating Your Own Tactile Tangram Puzzles

Find out how to create your own tactile tangram puzzle. (Download this video)

video cover image5/11/2016: The EZ Fill Pouring Aid

The EZ Fill Pouring Aid alerts users when liquid fills to about an inch from the top. (Download this video)

video cover image5/4/2016: The ReadWrite mini

Get the advantages of the Read/Write Stand in a mini, more portable version! (Download this video)

video cover image4/27/2016: The Quick Tips Archive

Trying to find an old Quick Tip? Check the Archive! (Download this video)

video cover image4/20/2016: Joy Player File Extensions

Keep the joy alive by uploading your Joy Player files with the right extensions! (Download this video)

video cover image4/13/2016: The Shafer Reading Stand

The Shafer Reading Stand is great for holding your large print volumes! (Download this video)

video cover image4/6/2016: Time for Art

Check out this book featuring loads of art projects specifically designed for individuals with blindness or visual impairments! (Download this video)

video cover image3/30/2016: The Impressor

Make your business cards accessible with this handy embosser! (Download this video)

video cover image3/23/2016: Orientation & Mobility for Wheelchair Users with Visual Impairment or Blindness

Find out all you need to know about O&M for wheelchair users who have blindness or visual impairment with this online publication! (Download this video)

video cover image3/16/2016: All Aboard! The Sight Word Activity Express

Get your student on the fast track to learning high frequency sight words and common nouns with this interactive and versatile set of magnetic print/braille labels — All Aboard! from APH. (Download this video)

video cover image3/9/2016: FVLMA Work Site

Did you know that you can access the Functional Vision and Learning Media Assessment online? Here’s a Quick Tip to tell you all about it! (Download this video)

video cover image3/2/2016: Blast Off with Braille!

The 2016 Kentucky Regional Braille Challenge just took place! Check out this week’s Quick Tip to find out all about it! (Download this video)

video cover image2/17/2016: Other Louis Resources

In our final Quick Tip in the Louis Database series, we check out how to access some yet-to-be-discussed Louis resources. (Download this video)

video cover image2/3/2016: My List

Find out about “My List” which is a tool that helps you organize your search results in the Louis database! (Download this video)

video cover image1/27/2016: NIMAC, Part 2

Find out from Johanna Argo how the National Instructional Materials Access Center (NIMAC) works! (Download this video)

video cover image1/20/2016: NIMAC, Part 1

Find out about the National Instructional Materials Access Center from metadata specialist, Johanna Argo! (Download this video)

video cover image1/13/2016: APH on Facebook

Not getting APH’s updates on Facebook? Here’s how to make sure you are receiving our posts! (Download this video)

video cover image1/6/2016: Let’s Talk Limbic

This DVD examines the role of a major part of the human emotional brain, the Limbic System, in the well-being of persons with multiple sensory impairment. (Download this video)


video cover image12/30/2015: Interactive U.S. Map with Talking Tactile Pen

If you want to be a U.S. geography whiz, this APH product is for you! (Download this video)

video cover image12/16/2015: Touch, Label, & Learn Poster: Human Skeleton

Here’s a new product that is a versatile tactile and visual learning tool for teaching students about the human skeleton. (Download this video)

video cover image12/14/2015: Wooden Constructo Set

Still looking for holiday gifts? The Wooden Constructo Set may be just the thing! Children can create all types of structures using this product which includes lengths of hardwood that have been drilled with holes. (Download this video)

video cover image12/2/2015: The Tangle Toy and Tangle Book Kit

This APH product that helps children practice skills of color and texture discrimination and fine motor skills, makes a perfect holiday gift! (Download this video)

video cover image11/25/2015: Parents and Visually Impaired Infants (PAIVI)

Dawn Wilkinson, early childhood project leader, discusses Parents and Visually Impaired Infants (PAIVI) in this week’s Quick Tip! (Download this video)

video cover image11/18/2015: Picture Maker

If you’re looking for a great holiday gift for a creative child in your life, look no further than the Picture Maker Wheatley Tactile Diagramming Kit! (Download this video)

video cover image11/11/2015: Tactile Tangrams Kit

Have you seen these fun and educational puzzles from APH? Great for children ages 7 and up, the Tactile Tangrams Kit encourages development of such skills as spatial reasoning, shape recognition, and problem-solving. (Download this video)

video cover image11/4/2015: VIPS@Home Parent Empowerment Program

Discover the VIPS@Home Parent Empowerment Program, which provides relevant coursework for parents of children with blindness and visual impairments. For more info on VIPS@Home, check out this video, too. (Download this video)

video cover image10/28/2015: Math Common Core State Standards (CCSS)

Did you know that APH has a website that explains all about Math Common Core State Standards (CCSS)? Watch this week’s Quick Tip to get the scoop! (Download this video)

video cover image10/21/2015: Joy Player

Use the Joy Player as a stand-alone accessible music device for individuals with blindness/visual impairments, or as a part of the Sensory Learning Kit! (Download this video)

video cover image10/14/2015: Feel ‘n Peel Basic Math Symbols

Find out all about Feel ‘n Peel Nemeth and UEB Basic Math Stickers in this week’s Quick Tip!. (Download this video)

video cover image10/7/2015: Labeling, Marking, and Organization

Check out APH’s new book all about labeling and organizing strategies for individuals with blindness and visual impairments in this week’s Quick Tip! (Download this video)

video cover image10/1/2015: File Repository

Find out all about the File Repository by watching today’s Quick Tip! (Download this video)

video cover image9/17/2015: Basic Tactile Anatomy Atlas

This week’s quick tip shows Basic Tactile Anatomy Atlas. (Download this video)

video cover image9/9/2015: Toodle Tiles

Chinese sea creatures, vegetables, the universe, and bugs. Toodle Tiles is a fun, educational computer game based on the matching game called Majong. Its bright, high-contrast features and audio feedback make it a great game for students with blindness, low vision or typical vision. (Download this video)

video cover image9/2/2015: Life Science Tactile Graphics

Just in time for the beginning of the school year, here’s a Quick Tip on our product called Life Science Tactile Graphics. (Download this video)

video cover image8/26/2015: SQUID Tactile Activities Magazine

Watch this Quick Tip about SQUID, APH’s activities magazine that offers young learners a recreational approach to tactile literacy! (Download this video)

video cover image8/19/2015: Digital Light Box Artwork

Today’s Quick Tip examines one of the many uses of Digital Light Box Artwork. Follow along as field services representative, Cathy Johnson creates a cause-and-effect exercise. (Download this video)

video cover image8/12/2015: Brailon Paper

Brailon paper is back by popular demand! (Download this video)

video cover image8/5/2015: Sense of Science, Part IV

Sense of Science: Astronomy is full of unique components that help students with visual impairments understand the planets and other celestial bodies. (Download this video)

video cover image7/29/2015: Sense of Science, Part III

Sense of Science: Animals (Download this video)

video cover image7/22/2015: Sense of Science, Part II

Last week, we talked about the Sense of Science Series products. For this week’s Quick Tip, let’s take a closer look at the plants module. (Download this video)

video cover image7/15/2015: Sense of Science, Part I

The Sense of Science series includes three modules: Plants, animals and astronomy. These products help make science concepts accessible and enjoyable for students who are braille and large print readers. (Download this video)

video cover image7/8/2015: APH Receives Grant to Plant New Trees

Thanks to a generous donation from Louisville Gas & Electric and Kentucky Utilities Company, as part of their “Plant for the Planet” program, APH staff, LimbwalkerTree, and some great volunteers planted 12 Kentucky-native trees along the side of our building. Species were specifically selected in accordance with “Right Tree for the Right Place” guidelines. Also thanks to Limbwalker for creating our tree-planting map. These trees will contribute to the beautification and environmental sustainability of the entire neighborhood. (Download this video)

video cover image7/1/2015: National Braille Challenge 2015

The National Braille Challenge just took place in Los Angeles, CA and APH was there! Check out this week’s Quick Tip to find out about this auspicious event! (Download this video)

video cover image6/24/2015: Blindness Basics

Get all the essential information you need on blindness and low vision from our Blindness Basics page! (Download this video)

video cover image6/17/2015: Ordering Replacement Parts

The 2015 Instructional Products Catalog is out, and not only can you order new products from it, the catalog also provides information on ordering replacement parts. (Download this video)

video cover image6/10/2015: 2015 APH Film Festival

Break out the popcorn! This year’s APH Film Festival is here! We are screening three recent documentaries about blindness…

June 27, 12:30-2:30 GOING BLIND (2010)

Directed and produced by a filmmaker slowly losing his sight, Going Blind explores the many kinds of vision loss through the personal stories of six individuals. It emphasizes how much is available in terms of special materials and products for the blind, new technology, low vision therapy, and vision enhancement techniques.

July 25, 12:30-2:30 THE EYES OF ME (2009)

The Eyes of Me follows four teens in the residential program at the Texas School for the Blind over the course of one school year, capturing their experiences with dating, academic responsibilities, fitting in, family problems, and preparing for life after high school.

August 22, 12:30-2:30 BLINDSIGHT (2006)

Blindsight relates how six Tibetan teenagers, all blind, reached the 23,000 summit of Mount Lhakpa Ri, practically next door to Everest, with their teacher, a blind educator and adventurer who established the first school for the blind in Tibet, and their guide, blind mountaineer and adventurer Eric Weihenmeyer. It is also about the challenges of being blind, the important of building confidence in young people, and the clash of Western and Tibetan notions of success.

ADMISSION IS FREE, space is limited, registration required. Each movie features plenty of traditional theater treats, is presented with audio description for the blind, and is followed by a moderated discussion. Call 502-899-2213 or email email hidden; JavaScript is required to register. Best for older children and adults.

(Download this video)

video cover image6/3/2015: Revised CVI website!

Take a look at APH’s completely revised CVI website! (Download this video)

video cover image5/27/2015: Physical Education (PE)

Surf over to our Physical Education (PE) webpage to discover everything you need to know about physical education for individuals with blindness or visual impairments. It’s all right at your fingertips, and you can learn about this resourceful page by watching this week’s Quick Tip! (Download this video)

video cover image5/20/2015: Chameleon

Chameleon is APH’s new tactile book created especially for adults to read with young children. To find out more about this adorable book, watch today’s Quick Tip! (Download this video)

video cover image5/13/2015: How to Find Your EOT

We’ve talked a lot about Ex Officio Trustees lately. Now, perhaps the burning question on your mind is: “How do I find the EOTs for my state, and how can I contact them?” Watch this Quick Tip to discover how! (Download this video)

video cover image5/6/2015: EOT Duties, Part IV

The duty of APH Ex Officio Trustees to maintain effective communication with those who serve registered students is covered in this fourth part in the series. (Download this video)

video cover image4/29/2015: EOT Duties, Part III

Find out yet more responsibilities of APH Ex Officio Trustees. (Download this video)

video cover image4/22/2015: EOT Duties, Part II

Here’s more about APH Ex Officio Trustees responsibilities. (Download this video)

video cover image4/15/2015: EOT Duties, Part I

What are some duties for which APH Ex Officio Trustees (EOTs) are responsible? Watch today’s Quick Tip to find out! (Download this video)

video cover image4/1/2015: Book Port Plus, Part IV: File Types

What kinds of files does the Book Port Plus play? Watch this Quick Tip to find out! (Download this video)

video cover image3/26/2015: Book Port Plus, Part III: Power Switch

Find out when you don’t need to use the power button on your Book Port Plus. (Download this video)

video cover image3/18/2015: Book Port Plus, Part II: Key Describer

Maria Delgado shows you how to use the “key describer” mode on the Book Port Plus! (Download this video)

video cover image3/11/2015: Book Port Plus, Part I: Finding Titles

So, you have a Book Port Plus, but don’t know how to find titles on it? Let Maria Delgado show you how! (Download this video)

video cover image3/4/2015: Braille Readers Theater

This is the fourth year of the Museum of the American Printing House for the Blind’s Readers Theater! Come attend a showing of this year’s dramatic production!

Upcoming performances:

  • Friday, March 13, 7:00 PM
  • Saturday, March 14, 1:00 PM

Each performance will include four short plays:

  • “The Dogalog” by Rick Roderick
  • “Milday Hero” by Barbara Henning
  • “A Fire’s Definition” by Madelyn Lloyd
  • “The Message That Wasn’t There” by Dave Trevino

Space is limited, reservations are required. To make reservations call 502-899-2213 or email email hidden; JavaScript is required. Best for ages 12 and up. (Download this video)

video cover image2/25/2015: “Child in a Strange Country” Traveling Exhibit

Child in a Strange Country,” which shows Helen Keller’s educational journey in an interactive display, is the main traveling exhibit of the Museum of the American Printing House for the Blind. (Download this video)

video cover image2/18/2015: Tactile Graphic Image Library (TGIL)

The Tactile Graphics Image Library is a collection of archived, well-designed templates — available free of charge from APH — to aid with the creation of tactile graphics. (Download this video)

video cover image2/4/2015: Web Chase

This week’s APH Quick Tip features the board game Web Chase, a fun game that just happens to also help improve tactile discrimination skills! (Download this video)

video cover image1/21/2015: The Geometro Student Workbook Kit

This week’s APH Quick Tip provides an introduction to the new product, Geometro: Student Workbook Kit, an assortment of materials and manipulatives for use with Geometro kits. (Download this video)


video cover image12/10/2014: The APH Executive In Residence Program

Did you know that APH has an Executive in Residence program for vision professionals and university professors? As one person put it, it is a “reciprocity of positive experiences”! (Download this video)

video cover image12/3/2014: Match Sticks!

Hey CVI professionals! You’re going to love this game. It’s called Match Sticks, and it’s for players of low vision, particular those with cortical visual impairment… (Download this video)

video cover image11/25/2014: Graphing a Line on the Orion TI-84 Plus Talking Graphing Calculator

Want to know how to graph a line on the Orion TI-84 Plus Talking Graphing Calculator? Ken Perry from APH Technology is here to show you how! (Download this video)

video cover image11/19/2014: The original Tactile Treasures gets a touch of color!

Available on our Shopping Site. (Download this video)

video cover image11/12/2014: The ReadWrite Stand—Great for So Many Tasks!

Available on our Shopping Site. (Download this video)

video cover image11/5/2014: The Draftsman

Check out The Draftsman, one of our most popular products. It’s a low tech way to create instant tactile graphics. Small enough to carry with you. No batteries or power required. (Download this video)

video cover image10/29/2014: GlaReducers and Bright Line Reading Guides

Have you tried our GlaReducers or Bright Line guides? These tools for low vision readers can be placed over text to highlight, eliminate glare, and provide maximum contrast. Watch the video to learn more! (Download this video)

video cover image10/15/2014: Coming Soon! Quick & Easy Expanded Core Curriculum

Parenting With a Visual Impairment (Download this video)

video cover image10/8/2014: New Product! Parenting With a Visual Impairment

Parenting With a Visual Impairment (Download this video)

video cover image10/1/2014: APH School and Office Products

APH has a ton of office and stationery products for your braille writing and large print needs. Examples from the video: the Spiral Pocket Notebook, the 6-Ring Pocket Size Notebook, and Braille Pocket Folders. (Download this video)

video cover image9/10/2014: Almost 300 Employees at APH? What Do They DO???

It takes a village. (Download this video)

video cover image9/3/2014: Guidelines for Design of Tactile Graphics

Did you know that we have guidelines for designing tactile graphics? We do! (Download this video)

video cover image8/27/2014: APH’s Mission

Before the Civil War… Before airplanes… Before telephones… Before the Louisville Slugger® bat… Before the Kentucky Derby, there was the… American Printing House for the Blind. Related links: Chronological History of APH, the Story and Mission of APH, and more about APH. (Download this video)

video cover image8/20/2014: Using APH Products to Teach About Restaurant Experiences

This week’s Quick Tip brings activities created by Kristie Smith, CTVI, to teach young students about restaurants: How to ask for a restaurant menu in braille or large print, or have it read aloud; Use the Talking Calculator to add up expenses plus tip; Use DRAFTSMAN Tactile Drawing Board to illustrate what a restaurant might look like; Use the All-In-One Board to design new restaurant. And more! (Download this video)

video cover image8/13/2014: APH’s UEB Timeline

Press Release: Policies regarding UEB Transition at the American Printing House for the Blind (APH) (Download this video)

video cover image8/6/2014: The U.S. and Canada Tactile-Print Atlas

Kerry Isham shows us the cool maps in the U.S. and Canada Tactile-Print Atlas. (Download this video)

video cover image7/23/2014: The EZeeCount Ababcus

The EZeeCount Abacus. (Download this video)

video cover image7/16/2014: The New APH SMART Brailler by Perkins!

APH SMART Brailler by Perkins. (Download this video)

video cover image7/9/2014: The Barr and Migel Libraries at APH

Barr and Migel Libraries. (Download this video)

video cover image6/25/2014: The Accessible Media Producers Database (AMP), A Directory of Producers of Accessible Formats

Accessible Media Producers Database. (Download this video)

video cover image6/18/2014: All About the Louis Database

Linda Turner talks about the Louis Database. (Download this video)

video cover image5/28/2014: APH Project Leaders: The Faces Behind the Products You Use

No description. (Download this video)

video cover image5/21/2014: Spangle Tangle: Play and Explore

Spangle Tangle: Play and Explore Kit. (Download this video)

video cover image5/14/2014: Earth, Large Format Color Atlas – Section Two!

Address: Earth, Large Format Color Atlas, Section Two. (Download this video)

video cover image5/7/2014: Hall of Fame Theater

Bring the popcorn! Dig the newly installed Hall of Fame Theater. (Download this video)

video cover image4/30/2014: Check Out Our New Products!

When you’re in our town, visit us to see our newest products on display. When you’re in your town, check our travel calendar (always in the latest APH News) to see when our Field Services representatives will bring our products to you. (Download this video)

video cover image4/23/2014: Navigating the APH Website, Part 3

No description. (Download this video)

video cover image4/16/2014: Navigating the APH Website, Part 2

No description. (Download this video)

video cover image4/9/2014: Happenings Around the House

Happenings Around the House is a new webcast series created by Maria Delgado of APH’s Field Services Department. It features a wide range of topics about the many “happenings” around the American Printing House for the Blind. Catch “Happenings” on the second and fourth Wednesday of each month at 2pm EST! (Download this video)

video cover image4/2/2014: Navigating the APH Website, Part 1

No description. (Download this video)

video cover image3/26/2014: Making Graphics Accessible with the Carousel of Textures

Michele Dutcher suggests an easy way to bring simple pictures from flat to tactile, using Carousel of Textures. (Download this video)

video cover image2/26/2014: Getting to Know You

Kerry Isham attended a product training seminar by Burt Boyer about the Getting to Know You curriculum. (Download this video)

video cover image2/12/2014: A Few Assistive Technology Products

Maria Delgado demonstrates the Book Port Plus, the Color Test II, and the MiniGuide US. (Download this video)

video cover image1/29/2014: The APH Museum’s Stevie Wonder Connection

Field Services Director Janie Blome takes us on a tour of the 1929 Steinway baby grand piano used by Stevie Wonder while he was a student at the Michigan School for the Blind, on display in our museum! (Download this video)

video cover image1/22/2014: How to Subscribe to APH’s Online Newsletter

Mary Robinson demonstrates the satisfaction and ease of signing up for the APH News monthly email. (Download this video)

video cover image1/15/2014: Ex Officio Trustees or EOTs… What the Heck Are THEY???

Ever wondered who the EOTs are, or what they do? Here you go. (Download this video)

video cover image1/8/2014: Games of Squares

Games of Squares developer Karen Poppe puts the pieces together. (Download this video)


video cover image12/18/2013: Using Compass Mode on the Nearby Explorer App

Technology Project Leader, Larry Skutchan, shows us how to use Nearby Explorer‘s Compass Mode. (Download this video)

video cover image12/4/2013: Teaching Strategic Thinking with Touch ‘em All Baseball

Fred Otto and Touch ‘em All Baseball. (Download this video)

video cover image11/20/2013: Using GeoBeam on the Nearby Explorer App

Technology Project Leader, Larry Skutchan, shows us how to use Nearby Explorer‘s GeoBeam feature to get tactile and audio feedback for places near you. (Download this video)

video cover image11/13/2013: How to Print from the Orion TI-84 Plus Talking Graphing Calculator

Ken Perry from our Research Department shows us how to print from the Orion TI-84 Plus Talking Graphic Calculator. Note: The data link cable does not come with the Orion TI-84 Plus Talking Graphing Calculator. You can purchase one from SchoolMart. (Download this video)

11/6/2013: Teaching Math and Banking Skills with Tactile Town, Part 2

Part 2! Kerry Isham shares an idea she picked up at this year’s Annual Meeting during a Teacher Talk by Kristie Smith, TVI: something she calls Tac-Tivities, a creative way to teach, using Tactile Town.

video cover image10/30/2013: Teaching Math and Banking Skills with Tactile Town, Part 1

Kerry Isham shares an idea she picked up at this year’s Annual Meeting during a Teacher Talk by Kristie Smith, TVI: something she calls Tac-Tivities, a creative way to teach, using Tactile Town. (Download this video)

10/23/2013: Creating Crossword Puzzles with APH Products

Michele Dutcher from Field Services shows us how we can make tactile crossword puzzles on the Hundreds Board, using various APH products for the letters, such as the Word Playhouse, Brain Quest: Geography, and Feel ‘n Peel Stickers.

video cover image10/16/2013: Touch ‘em All Baseball and Real-Life Experience

Tactile Graphics Project Leader Fred Otto talks baseball… Touch ‘Em All Baseball! (Download this video)

video cover image10/9/2013: How to Get APH to Come to Your Town

Mary Robinson from Field Services explains how you can get APH to exhibit products in your locale. (Download this video)

video cover image10/2/2013: Rearranging Panels in Flip Over Concept Books

Tactile Graphics Project Leader Karen Poppe sneaks in a way to keep the Flip Over Concept Books fresh, challenging, and versatile. (Download this video)

video cover image9/18/2013: Using Early Braille Trade Books with Building on Patterns

Jeanette Wicker, Project Leader for the Early Braille Trade Books, discusses using the books with the Building On Patterns reading series. (Download this video)

video cover image9/11/2013: Take an APH Tour!

Public Relations Manager Roberta Williams invites you to take one of the many tours we offer of our factory and museum. Tours are exciting and free! (Download this video)

video cover image9/4/2013: The Federal Quota Program

Cindy Amback explains what the Federal Quota Program is all about. (Download this video)

video cover image8/28/2013: Tactile Graphics Television

TGTV Host Fred Otto encourages you to watch his show about making tactile graphics! (Download this video)

video cover image8/21/2013: Designing Print Materials for Low Vision Readers

Graphic Designer Stephanie Lancaster discusses what to consider when designing handouts for readers with low vision. (Download this video)

video cover image8/14/2013: Options in Accessible Textbooks

Large Print Textbook Coordinator Michael Haynes discusses various accessible formats for textbooks. (Download this video)

video cover image7/31/2013: How to Subscribe to APH’s Catalog Mailing List by Phone

Artina Paris-Jones suggests how to subscribe to APH’s catalog mailing list by telephone. (Download this video)

video cover image7/24/2013: Using Paint Pot Palette to Enhance Daily Lessons

Tristan Pierce suggests how to enhance daily lessons by pairing core subjects with the Paint Pot Palette. (Download this video)

video cover image7/13/2013: Keeping Your U.S. Puzzle Map Pieces United

Michele Dutcher shows us how to avoid a messy U.S. Puzzle Map using hook material dots. (Download this video)

video cover image7/10/2013: How to Send Us Product Feedback

Kerry Isham shows us how easy it is to submit product ideas and feedback. (Download this video)

video cover image7/2/2013: How to Create a Line on a Collage Graphic

Jane Thompson demonstrates how to make a line on a collage graphic using crochet thread and glue. (Download this video)