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Talk to a Developer

  • 1. Tell Us About You*

    *APH values your privacy. Your personal information will be kept in the strictest confidence. APH will not sell or distribute this information.
  • NOTE: Please select Teacher/TVI/Clinician only if you work directly with students. This includes roles such as student teacher, itinerant teacher, COMS, SLP, OT, PT, and counselor.
  • 2. Tell Us About Your Idea

  • Relevance

    APH strives to produce products that meet the needs of individuals of any age who are blind or visually impaired and included in an education or rehabilitation program.
  • While high quality research is important to ensure the product supports appropriate educational practices, we do not assume your product idea has been subjected to rigorous research at the time of submission.
  • Note: After you hit ‘Submit Idea’, this page will be refreshed with a confirmation message that lets you know we have received your product idea.
    Max. file size: 2 GB.
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