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Handheld Portable Digital Magnifier with OCR RFP
Response to Vendor Questions

May 24, 2019

Q: For full page capture: is it necessary to use the built-in camera or can it be done from an external camera?
A: From our research, we believe it would be more convenient to be able to use a high quality internal camera for full-page capture so there is not another device that the student has to carry and keep track of. If you choose a different solution, please fully explain your rationale.

Q: For the self-viewing option: can it be an external camera or does it need to be a built-in camera?
A: From our research, we believe our customers would prefer a built-in camera. If you choose a different solution, please fully explain your rationale.

Q: At what maximum height do you require to be able to operate the device in order to do a full page capture of a Letter size document using the internal camera?
A: The individual would need to hold the camera approximately 16 1/2 inches away to capture a full-page document.

Q: There is no specification for a speaker. Is it required or is headphone jack sufficient?
A: A speaker is needed as well as headphone jack.

Q: For the matte screen, does the actual screen need to be matte or can it be a cover?
A: From our research, we feel a matte screen is needed. We do not believe a cover is sufficient. You may make a counterproposal in your response if you feel you have a better solution, but we ask you explain your rationale.

Q: One of the required features is “Button and touch screen combo”. We interpret this to mean that the unit will include some physical buttons for some control of the unit such as adjusting magnification level, but also some number of onscreen interface that can be accessed by touching the screen and/or panning through onscreen buttons using one or more of the physical buttons. Do we have this correct?
A: This is correct.

Q:The target unit cost is $690. Is this MSRP or APH buying price?
A: APH buying price

Q: Does the target unit cost need to include anything other than the base unit?
A: It needs to include a charging cable. A carrying case is preferred. It also needs to include a user guide. (APH will write this.)

Q: A reference is made to “optional connectivity to external camera and/or optional stand”. Is there a target price for options like this?
A: No. Please provide your price to APH for any proposed option in your proposal.

Q: The term “Column labeling” lacks detail. What is meant by this required feature?
A: This is the same software feature we currently see in Zoomax products. When the text is OCR’d, columns are recognized and numbered. This makes it easier for a student to jump to text needed.

Q: For how many years does an extended warranty need to be available?
A: This is up to the submitter. The initial warranty should be for 1 year from the date APH sells the product to the customer. We would prefer to see schools have options to extend their warranties for 3-4 years, at an additional cost to be covered by quota. Please include your package features and costs, if any, in your proposal.

Q: Does the warranty and extended warranty need to include trackable USPS Priority Mail shipping costs?
A: Trackable shipping would be a feature that customers would value and something you should highlight in your proposal if you include it. You would be responsible for the customer’s unit while it is in your care. The carrier is at your discretion if you are paying for the shipping costs.

Q: Can you please provide additional details on the definition of Level 2 support? Are there service standards required? (SLA).
A: APH customer service will manage Level 1 support, which includes out of the box, start-up setup and minimal troubleshooting. All issues above this will be referred to your customer service and repairs department. Your proposal should clearly define how you will support our customers and provide them with the best care and service possible. Service standards will be defined during contract negotiation, if you are awarded the RFP. Our companies will work together to achieve mutual goals of service excellence.

Q: Is “full page OCR with optional connectivity to external camera and/or optional stand” referring to an external distance camera or a USB scanning camera? What will be the specs of said camera? Will it be UVC compatible or have a custom API?
A: A multi-positional camera to do distance, near- and self-view modes preferably with a built in camera with 30X distance magnification.

Q: Can you elaborate what ‘column labeling’ means?
A: OCR recognizes columns, captures text and arranges into columns in the correct reading order. Each column is labeled from left to right for the user to easily locate where the first column begins in sequential order and can choose which column to read by selecting the labeled column. This will help with scan reading.

Q: What kind of files need to be imported? What is expected to happen after import?
A: Txt, rtf, doc, pdf, image files can save and transfer files from a thumb drive directly to the device. OCR to read files, multi-capture for multiple page documents, magnification, color contrast, freeze image and save files.

Q: What kind of computer input/output? Is this the same as USB file import capability?
A: Yes, input and output of files to and from the device to the computer using a file transport cable via USB.

Q: Should the device provide access to the underlying OS to use additional apps?
A: No.

Q: What languages need to be supported?