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Same APH Large Print, but Digital!

Are you looking for APH Large Print Titles? APH Large Print Digital books could be for you! The accessible PDF files, priced at about 40% of the full print cost, work with most digital devices or e-book readers. You can request to have a new Large Print Digital book made, or search the Louis catalog for available titles.

For schools and districts with multiple-student needs, don’t worry, you can use your digital files multiple times. Only one student may use each file at a given time, but once that student is done, you can pass the digital textbook on to your next student. This will help you save time and money, because you won’t have to pay for numerous print copies.

Once a digital file has been completed, it will be immediately available for download! No need to wait for printing, binding, and shipping! APH Large Print Digital is also a “greener” alternative. Check it out today! For questions, contact or call 502-899-2217.

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