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Swail Dot Inverter

Construct simple diagrams, graphs, maps, etc. by embossing a series of single dots on braille paper.


Product SKU: 1-03610-00

FQ Eligible


Braille Transcriber’s Kit: U.S. Maps

This is a collection of embossed and printed drawings of figures commonly found in history, geography, and social studies textbooks.


Product SKU: 1-04101-00

FQ Eligible


Braille Transcriber’s Kit: Math

Make braille transcription of elementary math books quicker with this collection of raised-line graphics of commonly occurring figures.


Product SKU: 1-04100-00

FQ Eligible


Tactile Treasures Kit, Tactile-Color Edition

Use the Tactile Treasures Kit to teach basic math and language concepts by feeling pictures of real objects on thermoform…


Product SKU: 1-08842-01

FQ Eligible


Geometry Tactile Graphics Kit

Set of thermoformed raised-line drawings depicting geometry concepts, figures, and relationships.


Product SKU: 1-08841-00

FQ Eligible


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