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TactileDoodle Joins APH Tactile Drawing Tool Family

The TactileDoodle recently joined the DRAFTSMAN in APH’s line of tactile drawing tools. While it may appear quite similar to the DRAFTSMAN, the TactileDoodle was created to meet the unique needs of early education.

green tactile doodle frame, back body, white lines showing the tactile drawing of an animal, a hand holds the stylus. Image that was traced lies above.

So, what makes the TactileDoodle perfect for younger students?

  • Drawn tactile images appear white against a black background/padded surface for enhanced visual contrast (or chalkboard appearance)
  • It’s complemented by a short, single-tip drawing stylus easily held by little hands
  • Standard clip-board style clamps (same as used for APH’s ReadWrite stands) for securing drawing film on padded surface
  • Streamlined/modern appearance with curved frame and resting area for hand
  • It’s available with Quota funds! Price $109.00

Your student’s will love TactileDoodle so order today!



green tactile doodle frame, back body, hands installing transparent tactile paper under clipboard style clip

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