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The APH Museum is closed, and our Factory Tours have stopped as we begin construction for our museum expansion. You can continue to explore our collection online at



What Does Health Education Mean to You?

Remember your health education classes in middle and high school? For many of us, they evoked a combination of curiosity...

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Building Your Science, Health, Technology, and Engineering Toolkit

From biology to anatomy to engineering, we have a variety of products and resources to supplement your students’ education. Check...

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How Do We See?

Did you know the only organ more complex than the brain is your eye? Did you know that your eye...

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Water Exploration and Play

Splish splash! Let’s have fun in the bath! This activity is pulled from our Virtual ExCEL Camps happening summer of...

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Balloon Lung Activity

Appropriate for Elementary School students Let’s learn about our extraordinary lungs! You can simulate the action of the lungs with...

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The Long Journey of Your Food

Appropriate for K-12 After measuring it, you would be surprised at how far food travels through the body after it...

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