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Large Print Textbooks for Your eReader!

The Accessible Tests and Textbooks Department of APH offers hundreds of large print textbooks for digital download! These electronic large print textbooks are created using APH’s exclusive accessibility process and are available for purchase through the File Repository of the Louis Database. Books are in PDF format and may be read on Kindle®, iPad®, laptop, or many other digital readers.

High Quality Large Print at a Substantial Savings

APH digital large print textbooks are high quality, less costly, and available more quickly than hard copy editions!

APH digital large print textbooks feature the complete content of the original print edition, formatted for improved accessibility. All textbooks use a minimum 18-pt. font, enlarged images, and a color palette designed for clarity. The digital format provides greater portability and convenience for the user. Many of these digital editions now feature image descriptions. Download a sample chapter of a large print book file!

Many subjects are available, including language arts, science, and social studies, from the nation’s best-known publishers. Search Louis for titles you need and download your textbooks today! To find a list of all digital large print files, click the “E-Files” tab above the search box and search for “LF.”

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