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Photo of the original textbook (left) and the new ATIC large print book. One can see that they are the same size and shape.
The new ATIC large print textbooks will include the graphics from the origninal text. This photo shows a map of the late US Civil War battles as it appears in the new book (left) and the original book.
Photo of a standard textbook in front of an older ATIC large print book, which is considerably larger in size and shape.
Photo comparing three examples of type: lower-left corner is the standard textbook, at the top is the old large print process, at the right is the new ATIC large print.  Note the glare-free paper in the new book.

APH Large Print Textbooks

NEW! Large Print Textbooks for your eReader!

The Accessible Textbooks Department has created a new process for creating large print textbooks in standard textbook size with a variety of fonts, font sizes and in full color.

The new process has taken into consideration the research collected and conducted by APH, including the research conducted by APH’s Educational Research Department, Large Print Guidelines for Optimal Readability.

APH large print textbooks use 18-point type as the minimum font size along with larger font sizes for multi-level headings. Sidebars, footnotes, page numbering and graphics will all be handled in a new fashion that will be more helpful to low vision readers.

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