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Teacher Reference Materials

On this web page you will find the Teacher’s Reference Materials for textbooks grades K-3 transcribed using the APH/BANA Promising Practices for Transcribing Early Literacy Textbooks.

Available Materials:

Catalog Number/Textbook Title

Teacher Reference Materials contain the following information:

Follow rules set forth in Braille Formats: Principles of Print to Braille Transcription, unless specified below.

There are to be no transcriber’s notes in Kindergarten Books except the following, which is to be placed at the margin.

In braille: ,',ask,'

Activities to Eliminate: All eliminations are to be stated on the ink-print transcribers note page to be titled "Teacher Reference Materials" instead of Transcriber’s Note Page, these materials will also include the ink-print Special Symbols Page found in all ATIC books.

Grades K-3: