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ATIC: Accessible Textbook Initiative and Collaboration Project

Teacher Reference Materials: Harcourt Science Workbook: Gr. 1, Volume 1

Published by
Harcourt School Publishers
Orlando, Florida

Further reproduction or distribution in other than a specialized format is prohibited.
ISBN 0-15-323771-2
Copyright 2003 by Harcourt, Inc.

Produced 2003 by
American Printing House for the Blind
Louisville, Kentucky 40206-0085

In 3 Volumes and 1 Supplement

Volume 1
Braille Pages p1-p10 and 1-108
Print pages 1-a56

This book was transcribed by Glenda Powell for the Blind for the American Printing House for the Blind through the Accessible Textbook Initiative and Collaboration Division (ATIC).

Teacher Reference Materials and Transcriber’s Notes

This volume has been transcribed according to the provisional guidelines for Transcribing Early Literacy Materials (April 2003) set forth by BANA and the American Printing House for the Blind.

The contents on preliminary page 10 are printed on the front cover of the workbook.

All pictures are omitted except when otherwise indicated. In some cases the pictures are named.

Students may need assistance from their vision teacher interpreting any tactile graphics given.

Students may also need assistance when pictured items have been named. The transcriber is uncertain if the student’s reading level is such that the words are recognizable.

Many activities have been omitted as the pictures could not be replicated as an understandable graphic or described in an appropriate reading level. Oral descriptions are needed.

The word "ask" is written on all of the pages below. The student may need assistance. The reasons assistance is suggested are listed for volume 1 only.

Page 2
Items 1-5 omitted. Oral description needed

Page 3
Graphics supplied. Student may need assistance interpreting the graphics.
Item 6 omitted. Oral description needed.

Pages 4 and 5
Picture omitted

Page 6
Graphic supplied. Student may need assistance reading the graphic.

Page 7
Picture omitted.

Page 8
Drawing activity. Student may need assistance.

Page 10
Graphic on following page. May need assistance with graphic.

Page 11
Items 2-5 omitted. May need assistance with graphic.

Page 12
1-4 omitted.

Page 13
Items 1-3 omitted

Page 14
Drawing activity omitted

Page 15
Pictures omitted

Page 17
Assistance needed with tactile graphic

Page 18 and 20
Picture omitted

Page 21
Picture omitted for item 1
May need assistance with graphics for items 2-3

Page 22 and 23
Picture and items 1-5 omitted

Page 24
Entire activity omitted

Page 25
Pictures omitted

Page 26
Item 1 pictures named
Item 2 omitted

Page 27
Item 1-4 omitted

Page 28
Items 1-3 omitted

Page 29
Item 2 omitted

Page 30
Pictures omitted

Page 31
Item 1-3 omitted

Page 32
Pictures omitted

Page 34
Drawing activity omitted

Page 36
Items 1-3 omitted

Page 37
Item 1 pictures named
Item 2 omitted

Page 38
Picture and item 1 omitted

Page 39
Item 1 pictures named

Page 40
Assistance needed with graphics and labels

Page 41-43
Pictures named

Page 44
Drawing activity omitted

Page 46
Picture omitted

Page 47-49
Picture omitted

Page 51-55
Picture omitted

Page 56
Drawing activity omitted.