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Teacher Reference Materials: McGraw-Hill Health 2


Published by McGraw-Hill
New York
Further reproduction or distribution in other
than a specialized format is prohibited.
ISBN 0-02-277368-1
Copyright 2000
by McGraw-Hill School Division

Produced, 2003, by
American Printing House for the Blind
Louisville, Kentucky 40206-0085

In 1 Volume
Braille pages p1-p20 and 1-109
Print pages i-aviii and 1-a102

Teacher Reference Materials

The diagrams in this text show various views of anatomical systems. To simplify the reader’s task of interpreting the information presented in the tactile graphic, the body outlines have been adapted. The children are shown in two generic views: frontal view with face forward and frontal view with head turned to the side. Some views have been changed to present consistent reference points for the reader. It is recommended that the teacher ensure that the student understands the different body positions represented in the views. The student may need assistance in identifying a reference point for each graphic.

Special Symbols Page

` Dot 4 Accent symbol
_/ Dots 456, 34 Slash between words
,’ Dots 6, 3 Transcriber’s note symbol

Transcriber’s Notes Page

This volume has been transcribed according to the provisional guidelines for Transcribing Early Literacy materials (April 2003) set forth by the Braille Authority of North America (BANA) and the American Printing House for the Blind (APH).

Ask your teacher for help with pictures.

Page 3
Pictures: Good Grooming Products
soap and washcloth
dental floss, toothbrush, toothpaste
hairbrush, comb
nail file, nail clippers

Page 10
4. Picture: Boy brushing teeth.
5. Girl eating a cookie.
8. Picture: sunglasses
9. Picture: sun block
10. Picture: ear plugs

Page 13
Ask your teacher for help.

Page 20
9. Picture: girl
10. Picture: man

Page 30
1. Picture: A boy has angry look. He is throwing a softball into a mitt.
2. Picture: A girl is with a man and a woman.

Page 38
7. Picture: Children are getting on a school bus. A woman is standing at the bus door.
8. Picture: Children are sitting at school desks. They are raising their hands.

Page 46
Picture: Glass of milk, orange, bowl of cereal.
Picture: Apple juice, two slices of bread, chicken, celery.
Picture: Glass of milk, sweet potato, broccoli, meat.

Page 47
Print column form changed as follows:
Food Group
One Serving Equals
Number of Servings

Page 49
Print column form changed as follows:
When You Want This Snack
Try This Snack Instead

Page 58
1. Picture: Boy leaning forward on his school desk.
2. Picture: Boy sitting straight at his school desk.

Page 66
1. Picture: Girl is washing her hands.
2. Picture: Boy is blowing his nose.

Page 79
Pictures: Traffic lights
STOP (red)
CAUTION (yellow)
GO (green)
Pictures: Hand signals
RIGHT TURN: Hold left arm straight out sideways. Bend elbow so hand is pointing up.
LEFT TURN: Hold left arm straight out sideways.
STOP: Hold left arm straight out sideways. Bend elbow so hand is pointing down.

Page 83
Picture: Poster next to telephone.

Page 88
1. Picture: Skull and cross bones.
2. Picture: Traffic light.

Page 96
4. Picture: Brown water is coming out of a big pipe.
5. Picture: Smoke is coming out of a smokestack.