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The SLK Is on the Go—Turbo on the Go!

turbo fan, usb cable, and plug adapter

The switch-adapted Caframo fan that teachers and learners love, and has been in the Sensory Learning Kit since its beginning in 2005, has finally stopped spinning—no longer to produce that soft breeze on the cheek or a gentle whirring sound sometimes amplified by the fluttering of a paper strip during a sensorimotor fan routine. The little square fan is no longer available.

No need to fret! APH hunted for a new switch-adapted fan and tried several out before choosing what we believe is an affordable, compact, and versatile fan with which to design new sensorimotor fan routines. The switch-adapted Turbo on the Go! uses four AA batteries (not included) or USB (included). APH paired the fan with a USB adapter so learners can operate the fan independently with APH’s Power Select, which provides learners with four modes of operation: direct, latch, timed seconds, or timed minutes.

new turbo fan, swtich, and power selector pictured together

The articulating handle of the Turbo fan accommodates carrying it from the now container to the fan routine location and it supports the fan at a multitude of positioning angles. If needed, the handle allows you to suspend the fan at the appropriate height for a learner.

To learn more about the Sensory Learning Kit and routine-based instruction, watch APH’s webinar on Collaboration in School and Home Settings with TVI Consultant Millie Smith and TVI Stacey Chambers.


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