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Release Notes for Web Site Enhancements Deployed Tuesday, January 5, 2021

Discontinued Products

  • The product page will be marked with the “This product is discontinued”. It will not allow a backorder on this product and will be removed from the site when the products are gone.


Add table of contents to product pages for books

  • This will add an additional area to accordination that will allow a table of contents to be inserted into the page so that users can review the table of contents for APH Press books.


Add Video section to products page

  • With the addition of Video’s to show key features of products the shopping experience will be improved.


Release Notes for Web Site Enhancements Deployed Tuesday, December ,1 2020

Review Editor, Contributor, Author Roles internal

  • This is opening the function for internal users who blog and post information on our site to better support the website.



EOT ordering Non-FQ Product, Standard not back ordering

  • Non-FQ products will show on the website but cannot be added to card as an EOT/OOA/TVI.
  • The Standard/Guest roles will show product but not allow back order.


Release Notes for Web Site Enhancements Deployed Tuesday, November 3, 2020

Back Order Notification

  • The Weekly Order Review will now contain the Back Orders at the bottom of the list each week.


Create Cookie Policy Page

  • To clean up the website page the Cookies and Preference information has been moved to clean up the page. It still covers all of the legally required information in the Privacy Policy.


Release Notes for Web Site Enhancements Deployed Tuesday, October 6, 2020

Improve the Wishlist feature
• Ability to create Private, Public & Shared Wishlists to support each area of responsibility.

Customer Testimonials
• Testimonials will be added to the accordion pages above the + Features section of the product page to educate the customer on the product, feedback received and performance.

Update Product Category Pages
• The Products Category page so that it is will be user friendly and can be relied upon as a primary way for users to navigate, sort and find products on the site.
• This upgrade will allow to sort by popularity and compare products for the customer.

Search Card Update
• The Redesigned Search Cards will improve search results for our users. By adding more detail and information about the products on the card the customer will be better served on making purchasing decisions.
• This will include enhancements like filters to search for products, Federal Quota, description, pricing, and new feature of “quantity” in the Add to Cart function.

Product Page Update
• This area has been updated with Subtitle/Variation, Videos, Federal Quota Eligible, Free Matter for the Blind Eligible, Optional/Replacement Parts, Manuals, and Related Products to better inform the customer of the products and improve the shopping experience.

Text added to empty cart page to inform Louis users
• Clicking on “Place APH Items in APH Cart” Will only carry over products that are in stock and available on If an item does not carry over it is either unavailable through APH or out of stock.
• If you have any issues, please contact Customer Service for assistance at 1-800-223-1839 or email

Add Video section to Product Pages
• Product pages will have the ability to add videos to support the products and better inform the customer.

Release Notes for Web Site Enhancements Deployed Tuesday, August 11, 2020

Weekly Summary notification to notify EOT and OOA of order information

  • Sent out on Mondays at 8 AM EST.
  • Serves to inform recipients of current status and orders that need to be approved.

Quick Order function revised and updated

  • Provides the ability to search by product number or name to find products from your dashboard.

Electronic Downloads for Purchase online

  • Adding the ability to purchase software from the APH store.

Improved Wishlist feature

  • Ability to create Private, Public and Shared Wishlists to support each area of responsibility.

Add to cart from Louis

  • From the Louis website you are able to “Add to List”
  • View “My List” by selecting option.
  • Place APH Items in APH Cart to finish your purchase.

Note: Products that are not available on the APH shop will not be added to your cart from Louis.

Product Variants for more options to purchase

  • You will now be able to select a product size, color or other variant type from a single page. No longer will there be multiple pages for one product that comes in multiple variations.


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