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Nearby Explorer

Nearby Explorer logo features a cane superimposed across a globe

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Download the beta of Nearby Explorer for Android with Indoor Explorer!

iOS versions now include Indoor Explorer – navigate indoors in supported venues!

Nearby Explorer™ is a powerful location exploration app for use on Android™ and iOS devices. A full featured GPS app that empowers users to independently explore with confidence!

Nearby Explorer uses GPS and your phone’s compass to speak real-time information about your surroundings. Includes millions of points of interest (POIs) in the U.S. and Canada. When used with a built-in compass, the app also provides feedback about features in your environment.

Available in four versions

Requirements to Run Purchased App

Nearby Explorer requires an Android or iOS device with the following:

WARNING: Nearby Explorer should be used along with a human guide, dog guide, and/or cane because it does not provide sufficient information to act as a substitute for your preferred O&M method.

Use Nearby Explorer to add and share your own POIs. In addition to spoken information, it also displays maps on the screen that provide audio feedback with touch. The program enhances its onboard data with Google Places™ business listings and Foursquare® (iOS only), if you have a mobile network connection.

Ordering Nearby Explorer

Get it on Google Play
Available on the App Store

Non-Quota Purchase:
Nearby Explorer app, for Android devices, on the Google Play store: $79.99
Nearby Explorer app, for iOS devices, on the App Store: $79.99

Quota Purchase (see below for instructions):
Nearby Explorer app, for Android devices, from the APH File Repository: D-20000-AN…..$79.99
Nearby Explorer app, for iOS devices, faxed Quota order: D-30022-APL…..$79.99

Free App: Nearby Explorer Online

The online version of Nearby Explorer is available to download for free on the Google Play store. It contains no onboard map data, so there are no licensing fees to pay, therefore, it is free to you! While Nearby Explorer Online is potentially very useful as a tool everywhere, the online version does require a device with a network connection to use.

Note: Nearby Explorer Online is a “lite” version of the Purchased App. It does not give directions, offer a map view, offer compass mode, or explore nearby intersections.

For complete details about Nearby Explorer Online, visit:

To install, visit:

How to Purchase Nearby Explorer With Quota Funds

Nearby Explorer for iOS Devices

Nearby Explorer for Android Devices

All Quota purchases must be made via the APH File Repository; the Google Play site cannot be used for Quota purchases.

Direct link to the Nearby Explorer app in the APH File Repository

General information about registering and purchasing files from the APH File Repository

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