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Breaking Down Barriers

student using monarch device with both hands

We know that access to the right tools and information at the right time can change lives. At APH, our job is to break down barriers and empower students, families, adults, and educators, creating a future that belongs to everyone.

What's New at APH

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Announcing the Monarch Student Pilot Program

As we seek to create a world where everyone is welcome, APH is introducing the Monarch Student Pilot Project, granting select students across the U.S. and its territories access to the Monarch. Learn more about eligibility and nominate your students using the Monarch Student Pilot Project Nomination Form!

A close up of the Monarch logo on the bottom of the Monarch case with an orange Monarch butterfly sitting in the background.

Leveling the Playing Field

Danielle Burton, APH’s Communications Accessibility Editor, has long hoped for a piece of access technology that levels the playing field for students who are DeafBlind, like herself. The Monarch is just what Danielle has been waiting for.

Learn More About Danielle's Monarch Experience.

A woman in a striped sweater helps a young boy use the Monarch on a table in a school library.

Connect the Dots 2024

Embark on an adventure of discovery into the playful world of Connect the Dots—an educational series that turns the history and innovation of blindness and low vision into an exciting adventure for kids! We’re on a mission to make learning a blast and inspire a world of inclusivity so while our building is under renovation, the PNC Foundation is helping us bring our knowledge out into the community.

Learn More about Connect the Dots.

Connect the Dots Graphic - Join us monthly to discover the magic of Inclusivity through the power of play. Sponsored by PNC Foundation

APH Hive: Professional Communities

Professional Communities was created to provide creditable and effective resources to people who assist individuals who are blind or have low vision. This user-friendly portal houses curated webinars, external courses, blogs, and much more. Looking for a place to connect? Join us at the APH Hive Discussion Boards to communicate with other parents and educators in the blindness and low vision field.

View from over the shoulder of someone visiting the professional communities main page on their laptop.

APH ConnectCenter

The APH ConnectCenter offers FREE curated advice and resources to assist children, parents, adults, and job seekers who are blind and low vision, and their associated professionals. Visit the APH ConnectCenter, or call our information & resource helpline at 800-232-5463.

APH ConnectCenter wordmark.

Find us on the road.

APH is on the go! Check out the conferences, conventions, and other events we're attending this year on our new conference hub!

Two CES attendees watch an APH employee give a Code Jumper demonstration at the APH booth in the CES exhibit hall.

APH celebrates change makers!

Listen along to our Change Makers podcast as we highlight the people, products, and resources making the biggest difference in our field.

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What’s the best way to learn? Your way!

From free webinars and trainings, to professional development, virtual student instruction, and summer camp—our Educational Resources are designed for vision professionals, educators, parents, consumers, and students. There’s something for everyone!

A young girl at a computer station in a classroom.

National Prison Braille Network

Since 2001, APH has taken a lead role in developing this network to get much-needed quality braille textbooks to students who are blind in grades K–12. Learn more about how the NPBN is changing lives for the better.

A child sitting in a blue armchair and reading a braille storybook.

APH Press

APH Press is the leading publisher in the field of blindness and visual impairment, supporting teachers, families, and other professionals by publishing informative, well-researched, and innovative texts which enable people of all abilities to maximize their potential and independence.

Babies with CVI book sits atop a desk, next to a laptop, APH mug, and pad of paper and pen.

The future is accessible.

We’re not just looking forward to an accessible future-we’re making it happen every day. And, with the latest technology, we think the future has never been brighter for people who are blind or have vision loss.


Learn More About Juno

Optical Character Recognition (OCR)

OCR captures and processes multiple pages of print text, allowing users to choose between reading from the 7-inch LCD touchscreen or listening to text-to-speech (TTS).

Juno Portable Magnifier
Juno Portable Magnifier

Zoom in/out (2-30x magnification)

Use Juno’s boldly colored buttons to zoom in and out (up to 30x) of live view or captured images. Magnify items up-close, at a distance, and even yourself

Side view of Juno showing zoom in and out buttons.
Side view of Juno showing zoom in and out buttons.

Scroll up or down with arrows

Use arrow buttons to navigate through any snapshots or pan around magnified images captured with the device’s camera. These same buttons also allow you to choose between 24 high-contrast color modes.

Side view of Juno showing up and down navigation buttons.
Side view of Juno showing up and down navigation buttons.

180-degree barrel camera

Juno’s barrel camera can rotate 180 degrees to support five camera modes: Self-view, Reading-view, Distance-view, Writing-view, and Hobby-view.

Rear view of Juno showing the 180 degree rotating camera.
Rear view of Juno showing the 180 degree rotating camera.


The stand located on the back of the device allows users to adjust the portable magnifier based on their needs in that particular setting.

Rear angle view of Juno showing the adjustable stand.
Rear angle view of Juno showing the adjustable stand.

Going further to move things ahead.

At APH we’ve been innovating products and technology to support people who are blind and low vision to independently live and learn since 1854, and we’re not stopping any time soon. From everyday tools to high tech solutions, we’re developing products for barrier breakers, dream believers, change makers, and access warriors!

Top view of Mantis Q40 in green TPU case.

Mantis Q40

Keep braille at your fingertips anytime, anywhere, with the Mantis™ Q40: a Bluetooth® keyboard and 40-cell refreshable braille display. Request a Demo Shipping Limitations: This product only ships to...

Smiling child with Code Jumper

Code Jumper™

Code Jumper™ assists students in learning computer coding and programming skills through a unique, physical system. Request a Demo Shipping Limitations: This product only ships to the United States...

Chameleon 20-cell device on black surface

Chameleon 20

Featuring Text-to-Speech, the Chameleon 20 is the perfect device for learning and reinforcing braille literacy skills. As a portable braille display with local apps, like an editor and library,...

Resources for Life

Find resources to empower yourself, your child, or your students in everyday life.

APH Hive

Buzz over to our free eLearning platform for educators and families.

APH Connect Center

Reliable, free information for all ages on multiple aspects of vision loss.

Accessible Textbooks

Unlock students’ educational potential with access to accessible textbooks.

APH Press

Titles for professionals on a wide range of topics including education, O&M, aging, and more.


Explore the Louis Database of Accessible Materials to find materials from 75+ organizations across U.S. and Canada.

Outreach Services

Learn about our consultation and educational support for students, educators, and families.

Give for good.

People of all ages who are blind or low vision benefit from APH’s extraordinary programs and innovative products. Be a part of our mission and partner with us.

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