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APH Email Directory

  • General information

    Requests for APH product catalogs. (Include your name and address, and specify the format needed).

    Purchasing APH books and educational products.

  • Customer Service
    APH product availability, services, product repair, and general questions about products and services for the blind.

    Accessible Tests
    Reviews and edits high stakes, standardized assessments for accessibility issues related to low vision and blindness.

    Accessible Textbooks
    Custom large print and braille textbooks.

    Braille Textbooks:

    Large Print Textbooks:

    APH InSights Art
    Annual art competition and exhibition for visually impaired and blind artists.

    APH Press
    For questions and comments about APH Press books, or information about submitting a book proposal.

    Braille Magazines
    Braille Reader’s Digest

    Braille Tales
    A program that offers free print/braille books for preschoolers who are blind and visually impaired.

    Consumer communications and product engagement materials.

    Custom/Contract Work
    Braille, Tactile Graphics, Audio Recording, Enlarged Print.

    Donations and Planned Giving
    General inquiries about donations, planned giving, or major gifts.

    Educational products ideas

    Factory and Museum Tour Program
    Information on booking a tour of the APH Factory and Museum.

    Museum of the American Printing House for the Blind

    National Instructional Materials Access Center (NIMAC)
    NIMAC is a national repository of K-12 materials in the XML-based NIMAS format. These files are used by states and the organizations they designate (including APH) in the production of accessible formats such as braille, large print, digital text, and audio. Contact us if you have any questions about how to obtain a NIMAS file, or questions about working with this format.

    Research & Development
    Educational research and product development.

    Resource Services
    Questions about the Louis Database, the availability of books in accessible formats, or the APH File Repository and Accessible Media Producers (AMP) Database.

    Tactile Graphic Image Library (TGIL)
    The Tactile Graphic Image Library (TGIL) is a database of free, downloadable templates to aid in the creation of custom tactile graphics.

    Computer technology, and general information about software and hardware accessibility.