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The APH Museum is closed, and our Factory Tours have stopped as we begin construction for our museum expansion. You can continue to explore our collection online at


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A woman dressed in a brown T-shirt accepts a braille book being handed to her. Behind her, on exhibit, are dozens of other books. The words “The World Book Encyclopedia” are written on the book’s spine.

Interns and Museums

As the summer winds down I’ve been reflecting on the incredible work our amazing intern Diana Wilder did this summer....

Round stickers reading “I VOTED” with starts and stripes reminiscent of the ones on the American flag scattered across a white background.

National Disability Voting Rights Week 2023

This week is National Disability Voting Rights Week! While this week was formally known as “National Disability Voter Registration Week,”...

A man wearing a suit and tie kneels in front of a uniformed soldier sitting beside a hospital bed. He guides the soldier’s fingers to the dial of an open pocket watch.

The Gift of Time

Early in 1943, the American Foundation for the Blind (AFB) started a program to help soldiers blinded in World War...

A cape made of twisted white wool is displayed on a mannequin.

An Artwork’s Journey: The Road to the InSights Art Exhibition!

‘Tis the season! The InSights Art Exhibition this October is quickly approaching. InSights Art is an international art contest open...

Professional headshot of Jennifer Bliss, who is smiling and wearing a dark blazer.

Meet APH Scholar Jennifer Bliss

APH is excited to recognize Jennifer Bliss, nominated by EOT, Elizabeth Pieters, as one of our 2023-2024 APH Scholars. When...

Head-and-shoulders photo of a man wearing a white shirt with a lanyard around his neck. Beside him, fixed to the wall, is a bronze plaque. It reads: Helen Keller, 1880-1968, and her lifelong companion Anne Sullivan Macy, 1866-1936, are interred in the columbarium behind this chapel.

Helen Keller’s Final Resting Place

This year’s meeting of the Society of American Archivists was in Washington DC, which allowed me the chance to make...