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A newspaper with a full black and white image of Helen Keller standing. On either side of her are two columns of text. The headline reads

What Helen Keller Said: Celebrating Women’s History Month

Entire books and websites have been devoted to quotes by Helen Keller. Often the quotes are brief, pleasant, and even...

An elderly woman washes her hands at a kitchen sink.

Aging and Vision Loss Bookshelf

Many adults lose their vision later in life and may have difficulty adapting to their vision loss, which can have...

A woman wearing a coral pink jacket speaks from a podium.

Women’s History Month: An Interview with Stephanae McCoy

In honor of Women’s History Month, we’re learning about women making a difference who also have a visual impairment. We...

A view of one wall of the Museum Annex. Visible are two industrial machines. One resembles a piano, except each key makes a punch onto a piece of metal. The second shows three rounded tops (part of a cylinder press). Blurred images of other machines continue down the wall.

The Way We Worked

Lots of changes are afoot here at APH. We are knee deep in construction in the building as part of...

Shelves of boxes, varying in size, in a museum archive.

Phase Boxes and Flat Dots: Preserving Braille Materials in the KSB Alumni Association Collection

Our next-door neighbor the Kentucky School for the Blind (KSB) has a long and rich history, and as such has...

A photo of Ryan smiling and holding a white cane in front of a building. Text reads

Ryan Bishop Joins APH Team as New Director of Customer Experience

APH is excited to welcome Ryan Bishop as the new Director of Customer Experience. He brings a wealth of knowledge in...