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Help kids shape their understanding of the world.

Shapes can be difficult to understand through explanation alone. For many children who are blind or visually impaired, the best way to help them understand the world around them is through hands-on learning. They need to feel the difference between a circle and a square. Tactile literacy is key to reading braille, understanding graphs, and eventually having a firm grasp on advanced geometry. This is one of fundamental building blocks for a journey of lifelong education, and APH has developed a number of tools to promote tactile literacy.

Tips for teaching tactile literacy.

  • Search our shop often to discover new products.
  • Teach tactile skills concurrently, instead of in a sequential or linear fashion.
  • Find alternate ways to use the recommended products to broaden understanding.
  • Tailor APH tactile products to multiple student populations. An older tactile reader might benefit from using a kit intended for a young child.

Featured Products

Tactile Graphics Kit

This kit is an extensive set of tools and materials that allows teachers, transcribers, and mobility instructors to create custom raised-line maps, graphs, diagrams, and charts.

DRAFTSMAN Tactile Drawing Board

Create instant, raised line drawings with the Draftsman Tactile Drawing Board.

Reach and Match Learning Kit

The Reach & Match® Learning Kit is an innovative product that helps students with sensory impairment and other exceptionalities to learn and engage with their peers through deepening cognitive...