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What’s the best way to learn? Your way.

At APH, we know that each student learns in his or her own way. To help you find the perfect learning solution for your students, we have created a number of resources to help you with fresh ideas and new approaches to creating meaningful learning plans.

Preschool boy laughs as he plays with APH's Braille Buzz

Braille Bug

Designed for elementary students, Braille Bug combines accessibility with a fun and playful environment designed to teach sighted children about braille and to encourage inclusion.

Braille Bug logo, image is a ladybug with braille dots

Building on Patterns (BOP)

Building on Patterns (BOP) is a systematic, comprehensive literacy program designed to teach young children with visual impairments to read and write using braille.

APH Building on Patterns Guide Cover

Cortical Visual Impairment (CVI)

APH offers a variety of products and publications to support children living with Cortical Visual Impairment.

Graphic with overlapping colored circles and the letters CVI

Tactile Skills Matrix

Locate APH products that support the development of skills and concepts that contribute to students’ tactile literacy.

Tactile Skills Matrix logo

Symbols and Meaning (SAM)

Understanding symbols and their meanings is an important part of a child’s educational development. The SAM Guidebook provides strategies for developing a strong foundation for this important cognitive skill.

Cover image of APH's Symbols and Meanings Kit

Guide to Designing Tactile Illustrations for Children’s Books

Whether you are a teacher, transcriber or caregiver of a child with a visual impairment, this guide provides information to assist you in the creation of tactile illustrations

Materials for creating tactile books

Learning on the move.

APH offers a variety of Apps so you can learn wherever you may be.


An accessible cross-platform web app for solving digital
crossword puzzles.

Talking Typer

An accessible typing and computer keyboard tutorial app with a keyboard game to help increase speed and accuracy in a fun environment!

Animal Watch Vi Suite

This app and accompanying materials support students in building their math word problem solving skills.

Slapstack Math

Slapstack Math is an action and memory game that uses math flash cards instead of playing cards.

Draw2Measure Protractor

This handy app allows students to measure angles in two ways.