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Open the door to a better future.

Core Curriculum forms the basis that students need to be college- and career-ready. Everyone should have access to educational resources regardless of ability, level of education, or skill. That’s why APH offers a variety of accessible educational resources to help students continue on their journey of lifelong learning.

STEM (Science, Technology,
Engineering, and Math)

The world of STEM job opportunities continues to grow. APH’s accessible learning tools help make these opportunities become realities for students who are blind and visually impaired.

Adapted Science Materials Kit

Bring out your students' inner scientist with the Adapted Science Materials Kit!

Tactile Five and Ten Frames

These graphic organizers help young students visualize sets of five and ten, thus helping to develop subitizing skills – the...

KeyMath-3 Braille Student Kit (Contracted)

Aligned with the NCTM standards, the KeyMath™3 Braille Student Kit diagnostic assessment measures essential mathematical concepts and skills for students...

English and Language Arts

Reading, writing, and verbal communication make up a powerful skill set for students. When mastered, these skills can become the catalyst for a life filled with rich and meaningful experiences.


The I-M-ABLE book and accompanying kit materials are designed to motivate, engage, and reward children who are candidates for braille...


Promote early literacy skills and encourage young learners to practice braille characters and phonics.

Social Studies

With these accessible social studies products, students will be ready to express themselves and actively participate in an ever-changing world.

Tactile World Globe

Touch the World…literally!

U.S. Puzzle Map

This take-apart political/topographical map of the United States has features to help make learning fun for all students!

World at Your Fingers

This comprehensive set of tactile world maps provides an excellent opportunity for developing map-reading skills.

Fine Arts

Teaching students how to create and appreciate artistic works helps them develop useful skills in critical thinking, attention to detail, and self-reflection, and exposes them to aspects of the world they may not experience otherwise.

Tactile Graphics Kit

This kit is an extensive set of tools and materials that allows teachers, transcribers, and mobility instructors to create custom raised-line maps, graphs, diagrams, and charts.

Paint by Number Safari™ – Under the Sea

Introduce basic principles of art, nature, and the colors of the sea to your beginning and intermediate artists.


Use TactileDoodle and quickly generate tactile, raised-line graphics to convey a variety of concepts or art within the classroom or...

Business and Vocational

Meaningful employment isn’t just a paycheck — it’s a source of recreation, social interaction, and independence. A strong foundation of business and vocational skills can create endless employment and career possibilities.

Prevocational Skills Development Materials Kit

This kit helps develop manipulative skills, such as matching, sorting, counting, assembling, and packaging.

Keitzer Check-Writing Guide

Writing personal checks is now easier than ever with the Keitzer Check-Writing Guide! Simply feel the locations of the various blanks on a standard sized check, and fill in...

The Impressor

Easily create your own braille business cards!

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