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Your child’s future is limitless.

Your child can dream big and achieve anything she sets her mind to. As accessibility awareness and technology continue to grow, so do opportunities for children with vision loss. From education and reading to games and sports, your child’s future is full of possibility.

Portrait of a smiling little girl

If you have the right tools, nothing can stop you.

“By using FamilyConnect, I found many useful tips. As my daughter went through school, she did really well. She learned braille. She was a bright student. She learned mobility with a cane. She graduated high school and earned a college degree.”

—Parent and Member of


Connect with, where you’ll find vital information and support for parents who have children who are blind or low vision. While you’re there, you’ll find success stories and support whether your child is an infant, preschooler, elementary or high schooler, or young adult.

Young children playing with the Fine Motor Development Materials Kit

Questions about vision loss?

Free APH ConnectCenter helpline:
1‑800‑232‑5463 or email

Babies Count

Currently 24 states are participating in Babies Count, a national database in the US that collects epidemiologic and demographic information on infants and toddlers between the ages of birth and 36 months who are blind or low vision. Information from this database has been used to make policy and budget decisions, to expand programs, to drive medical and educational research, and to track the changing face of blindness of children in our country today.

Babies Count logo is 3 color blocks stacked in a triangle above the text with braille text below the logo

Braille Tales

APH is proud to offer Braille Tales, free print/braille books for children who are low vision. Early reading develops braille awareness skills and an enthusiasm for literacy in the hearts of young children.

A mother reading a Braille Tales print/braille book with her child

Dolly Parton’s Imagination Library Collaboration

APH and the Dollywood Foundation have an exciting collaboration that expands Dolly Parton’s Imagination Library (DPIL) program to provide young children who are blind and low vision with accessible books in print/braille and audio formats!

Over the shoulder view of a young child with glasses reading a print/braille book.

Featured Products

Video Mag HD

Video Mag HD

The Video Mag HD is a durable and kid-friendly, handheld video magnifier. Request a Demo

JAWS logo and Sharky mascot

JAWS Annual Student License

For only $99 per annual subscription, students who are blind and visually impaired can easily navigate, read and write documents,...

ZoomText logo and Zoomy mascot

ZoomText Annual Student License

For only $89 per annual subscription, students with low vision can enlarge and enhance everything on their computer screen. ZoomText...

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