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Featured Products

a row of a plastic 3-D animal miniatures including a duck, horse, cow, pig, sheep, goat, and a rooster.
Animal Recipes: Farm Set

Build and learn about the salient features of barnyard animals with Animal Recipes.

The Code and Go Mouse box on a table.
Accessible Code and Go Mouse

Coding is easy with Colby! The Accessible Code & Go Mouse provides a hands-on introduction to coding concepts and tactile graphics as students program Colby the mouse to race through the maze toward the cheese. The race is on to build hands-on coding skills with Colby, the programmable robot mouse! Colby lights-up, makes sounds, and features two speeds along with colorful buttons for easy programming and sequencing.

A hands-on introduction to coding concepts can be found in the Code & Go® Robot Mouse Activity Set Activity Guide.

Babies with CVI book sits atop a desk, next to a laptop, APH mug, and pad of paper and pen
Babies with CVI: Nurturing Visual Abilities and Development in Early Childhood (Print)

APH Press is proud to offer this guide through the history and best practices related to the treatment of CVI in children from birth to 36 months

New Releases

Health Education Tactile Graphics Guidebook Front Cover
Health Education Tactile Graphics

Strengthen your health education curriculum by referring your students to new tactile graphics detailing the skeletal, muscular, and reproductive systems, and much more! The tactile graphics presented in this product correspond to the anatomical and physiological systems presented in Health Educations for Students With Visual Impairments: A Guidebook for Teachers.

Lots of Dots: Learning My ABC’s

An exciting raised-line coloring book designed for future large print and braille readers.

Featured Categories


Low Vision Materials

These materials from APH aid low vision students with a variety of educational activities, such as learning to use magnification devices.

young person reading with a magnifier


Early Childhood

APH offers a variety of products to help young children who are blind and visually impaired make a good beginning in education and in daily life.

Young children playing with the Fine Motor Development Materials Kit


Core Curriculum

Educators define core curriculum as the knowledge and skills a student should learn by high school graduation. This foundation, for almost all learning, is generally related to academic subjects.

Young girl discovering textures on tactile toys


Download Software Videos (Coming Soon)

Soon you will be able to download and try out free trial versions of our software.

photo of a tablet running Visual Brailler app


Custom Accessible Media

We help you reach vision impaired customers by making your publications accessible.

An APH employee running a printing machine