APH staff are working from home due to COVID-19, but are still available to help in any way they can! Outgoing product shipments to schools and government agencies have been halted at this time. Read our blog for current updates and ways you can learn and engage during this time of social distancing.

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Jupiter Portable Magnifier

Braille Trail Reader LE

Featured Products

Video Mag HD

The Video Mag HD is a durable and kid-friendly, handheld video magnifier.

APH SMART Brailler by Perkins

APH SMART Brailler combines a standard braille keyboard, speech output, and SimBraille and large print on a colorful screen, creating a product that enables users to assist one another in mastering the Braille code.


The I-M-ABLE book and accompanying kit materials are designed to motivate, engage, and reward children who are candidates for braille…

New Releases

Health Education for Students With Visual Impairments: A Guidebook for Teachers

Every student should have access to a quality and comprehensive health education. APH developed this guidebook specifically for teachers who provide instruction to students with visual impairments, ages 5 through 21.

TactileDoodle Kit

Use TactileDoodle and quickly generate tactile, raised-line graphics to convey a variety of concepts or art within the classroom or…

Feel The Beat

The lessons in this curriculum teach Music Braille Code, and focus on reading, playing, and memorizing measures through the use of a soprano recorder.

Featured Categories


Low Vision Materials

These materials from APH aid low vision students with a variety of educational activities, such as learning to use magnification devices.


Tactile Graphics


These tactile graphics help explain the math, geography and other topics to learners who are visually impaired or blind.


Early Childhood

APH offers a variety of products to help young children who are blind and visually impaired make a good beginning in education and in daily life.


Core Curriculum

Educators define core curriculum as the knowledge and skills a student should learn by high school graduation. This foundation, for almost all learning, is generally related to academic subjects.

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