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APH NewsMarch 2023

APH Reveals New Museum Name

The name “The Dot Experience” in black bold letters is stacked with the words “The Dot” above “Experience.” The two lines of type are equal in length. “The” and “Experience” are the same size while the word “Dot” is larger and more prominent. To the right of the name sits a braille cell made of six black closed circles.

In January, we celebrated the 165 years of innovation, creation, and dedication that have led us to where we are today and will continue to guide us into the future. We have a significant renovation on the horizon and are excited to announce the new name of our museum. Get ready for The Dot Experience! Read our press release to learn more.

Ryan Bishop Joins APH Team as New Director of Customer Experience

APH is excited to welcome Ryan Bishop as the new Director of Customer Experience. Read our blog about Ryan Bishop to learn more about him and his role at APH.

Submit to the 2023 InSights Art Competition!

Utilizing a pouring technique with bright green, teal, black, and white acrylic paints, Wichman’s “Grassy Knoll,” measuring at 11 by 14 inches, moves with highly marbleized swirls throughout the canvas. The green is so bright and prevalent that one might start to smell fresh grass blades that make up one of the painting’s many swirls.
“Grassy Knoll” by Josh Wichman placed Second in the Ungraded Category during the 2022 InSights Art Competition! Josh is a student from the Nebraska Center for the Education of Children who are Blind or Visually Impaired in Nebraska City.

Do you, your children, or your students have artwork you would like to submit for the 2023 InSights Art Competition? The deadline is March 31, 2023, which is quickly approaching!

Never submitted before? Check out our Enter the Contest page, which provides entry instructions, a student entry form, and an adult entry form to complete and submit with your artwork. You can send your artwork physically through the mail to 1839 Frankfort Avenue, Louisville, KY 40206, with attention to the InSights Art Team or digitally to

If you have any questions, please, contact

Welcome New EOTs

EOTs play an integral role in making sure APH products get into the hands of students who need them. We’re excited to welcome the following new EOTs to the APH family:

  • Paula Gumpman – Georgia
  • Marla Clayton Johnson – California

Product Roundup

Swirly Mats: CVI

Zoomed out image of a red swirly mat with confetti and glitter over a white background.

This modernization combines components of Swirly Mats CVI and CVI II into one kit. These durable, non-toxic mats can be used alone or in conjunction with the APH LED Light Box and LED Mini-Lite Box.

APH Winter Wonderland Sale 2023

Visit our website to see which APH products are on sale while supplies last. Happy shopping!

Get Involved!

2023 Annual Meeting Call for Presentations

APH’s 155th Annual Meeting will be held on October 4-6. Pre-conference times will be October 3-4. As part of the Annual Meeting of EOTs, we celebrate with instruction about new products, services, processes, and initiatives. Annual Meeting provides professional development to these leaders of the field as well as many, many others.

There are four strands this year:

  1. Tactile instruction and/or technology
  2. Low vision instruction and/or technology
  3. Educating learners with complex needs
  4. Advocacy and partnerships

Presentation submissions will be taken until Wednesday, March 22. We will notify you of your status by Wednesday, April 12. Fill out the form and complete all sections. If you need further assistance, please email

LEGO Braille Bricks Feedback Survey

Teachers and TVIs who may or may not use LEGO Braille Bricks, the University of Edinburgh wants your feedback on the teaching of braille. Please, complete the LEGO Braille Bricks Survey by March 31, 2023. For questions, please email

Peer Reviewers Needed for New APH Press Book

APH Press is looking for peer reviewers for Foundations of Low Vision, 3rd ed. If you have expertise in this area and are interested in being a peer reviewer, please, complete our peer review interest form.

Educational Corner

All About the All-in-One Boards

The corner of the velcro side of an All-in-One Board decorated with an array of colorful tactile shapes. There is also an assortment of tactile shapes scattered in front of the All-in-One Board.
APH’s All-in-One Boards—large and small—provide two commonplace working surfaces that can accommodate a variety of educational and recreational activities. Read our All-in-One Board blog to learn about how you can use this product in combination with other APH materials to maximize student learning.

Finger Walks Lets Everyone Experience the Wonder of Labyrinths

In honor of Women’s History Month, we’re highlighting an inventor making a difference who also has a visual impairment. Maia Scott brought the idea of Finger Walks to APH, and we released the product in 2020. Finger Walks is a collection of 16 tactile labyrinths embossed on vinyl sheets with the raised labyrinth paths in color. Read our Finger Walks blog to learn more about Maia and this innovative product.

APH Press Featured Publication

Making Life More Livable: Simple Adaptations for Living at Home after Vision Loss is an important resource for older adults who are losing their vision and the family members who support them. This large print book provides tips and modifications that improve the safety of the home and promote independence. The book features information on current technology and independent living products, general guidelines as well as room-by-room specifics, basic skills for moving around safely inside the home, and suggestions for preventing falls. It is an invaluable resource that gives older adults with vision loss solutions to continue living independent and productive lives.

The Buzz: News from the APH Hive

Career Readiness for Students with Multiple Impairments

Two girls examine a white flower outside. One of the girls is sitting in a powerchair. Graphic of honeycomb and three bees at the bottom. Text reads, "Career Readiness for Students with Multiple Impairments. Erika Fundelius and Stacey Chambers." APH Hive logo.
What are the ingredients for preparing students to become career ready? How can self-determination skills and quality of life principles be incorporated into educational programming? Enroll in Career Readiness for Students with Multiple Impairments, which offers 1.5 hours of ACVREP credit and discover how educators can help students with complex needs and visual impairment improve the success rate of entering the workforce as they transition to adult life.

Bee sure to buzz by the APH Hive and build your toolbox of resources!

APH ConnectCenter: Connecting people with useful information and resources

ConnectCenter News

In honor of Women’s History Month, we would be remiss not to take the opportunity to reflect on Helen Keller’s Enduring Legacy. She was the first person who was deafblind to earn a Bachelor of Arts degree in the United States, from Radcliffe College, at a time when many people didn’t think women should even go to college.

Additionally, the APH ConnectCenter is celebrating Women’s History Month by sharing empowering stories of women who are blind and low vision!

And to celebrate March as National Craft Month, check out APH FamilyConnect’s craft tutorials:

APH ConnectCenter Now Available on Be My Eyes

The APH ConnectCenter is officially available on Be My Eyes Specialized Help! Be My Eyes members in the U.S. can now reach out to an APH ConnectCenter representative to get career guidance, learn more about their services, and get curated resources. Learn more about Be My Eyes.

Change Makers: An APH Podcast

The Latest from Change Makers

Change Makers: A Podcast from APH highlights the people who are making the biggest difference in the blindness field.

Listen to Episode 69, Black History Month with Anil Lewis to hear about Anil’s childhood, challenges, victories, and how he became Executive Director of Blindness Initiatives for the National Federation of the Blind. After that, you’ll hear what’s new with LEGO Braille Bricks.

Listen to Episode 70, Black History Month with Monique Coleman  to learn about Monique’s childhood, college life, and her journey to becoming a TVI and President of Vistas Education Partners.

Missed one? Don’t worry. Find all episodes of Change Makers on our website.

From the Field

Women’s History Month: An Interview with Stephanae McCoy

Stephanae McCoy is wearing a coral pink jacket and speaking from a podium.
In honor of Women’s History Month, we’re learning about women making a difference who also have a visual impairment. Read our blog about Stephanae McCoy to learn about Stephanae’s sight loss journey and how she founded her own business, Bold Blind Beauty.

In the Archive

Finding Sadie

Chief Librarian Sadie P. Delaney was an innovator in the use of bibliotherapy at the Veterans Administration Hospital Library in Tuskegee, Alabama. Read this blog about Sadie to learn more about her life and influence in the blind community.

APH Travel Center

We’ll be at the following upcoming conferences. We hope to see you there!

Pac Rim

March 6-7
Honolulu, HI

APH will be participating at this conference. Join us for the following sessions:

  • Creating Early Literacy Opportunities Using Universally Designed APH Products by Jeff Schwartz and Leslie Weilbacher (Monday, March 6th from 1:30 PM – 1:55 PM)
  • Functional Vision/Learning Media Assessments for ALL by Jeff Schwartz and Leslie Weilbacher (Tuesday, March 7th from 11:00 AM – 12:00 PM)

California State University, Northridge (CSUN)

March 13–17
Anaheim, California

Stop by the APH booth in the exhibit hall, and join us for the following sessions:

  • Quest for the Holy Braille: Dynamic Tactile Device Update by Greg Stilson and Andrew Flatres (March 14 at 1:20 PM)
  • Braille Brain UEB and Nemeth Code Training Program by Cheryl Kamei Hannan, William Freeman, and Gina Michell (March 15 at 10:20 AM)
  • National Coding Symposium: TVIs and Students with BVI by Adrian Amandi, Denise Snow, and Katrina Best (March 15 at 1:20 PM)
  • American Printing House for the Blind Low Vision Roadmap by Justine Taylor and Tyler Maddox (March 15 at 2:20 PM)
  • Paving the Holy Braille Highway through Dynamic and Digital by William Freeman and Greg Stilson (March 16 at 10:20 AM)
  • What’s New on APH’s Road to Code by Katrina Best and Heather Kennedy-MacKenzie (March 17 at 10:20 AM)

Our friends at Goodmaps also have a booth in the exhibit hall. Join Mike May for the session Indoor Navigation 2023 on March 17 at 1:20 PM.

Register for CSUN.

California Transcribers and Educators for the Blind and Visually Impaired (CTEBVI)

April 20–23
Burlingame, CA

APH will be participating in this conference. Join us for the following sessions:

  • TGIL Graphics with PixBlaster and PageBlaster by Rachel Bishop, Karen Poppe, and William Freeman (April 21 from 10-11 AM)
  • The Future of Dynamic Braille with the eBRF by William Freeman (April 21 from 11:30 AM-12:30 PM)
  • National Coding Symposium and Day of Code by Adrian Amandi, Denise Snow, and Katrina Best (April 21 from 11:30 AM-12:30 PM)
  • APH CareerConnect: Brilliant Lessons and Curriculum for Inside and Outside the Classroom by Richard Rueda, Lisa Lloyd, and Lisamaria Martinez (April 21 from 11:30 AM-12:30 PM)
  • Learning SmART: Learning Concepts Through Art by Karen Poppe (April 21 from 11:30 AM-12:30 PM)
  • Transition and Career Readiness by Olaya Landa-Vialard (April 21 from 2-3 PM)
  • Braille Brain: Online UEB and Nemeth Tutorial by Gina Michell, Kim Blackwell, William Freeman, and Cheryl Hannan (April 21 from 3:30-4:30 PM)
  • NIMAS and Braille 2000: Leveraging Files for Math and More! by Elizabeth Schaller and Rosemary Baggott (April 22 from 10-11 AM)
  • Self-advocacy and ECC from the Beginning by Melisa Matthews (April 22 from 2-3 PM)
  • Creating Early Literacy Opportunities Using Universally Designed APH Products by Stephanie Walker and Leslie Weilbacher (April 22 from 3:30-4:30 PM)

Register for CTEBVI.

For more information about upcoming appearances, check out our Conferences page.

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