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About Ordering Textbooks from APH

Most APH Textooks Are Made When You Order Them

Most of our textbook enlargements and braille transcriptions are produced "on demand." In the case of enlarged print textbooks, we receive publisher permissions and we prepare the masters for production ahead of time. APH then produces the title upon demand–YOUR demand!

Grade Level of Textbooks Offered by APH

APH accessible titles consist of textbooks through the 12th grade.

Media of Textbooks Offered by APH

APH Large Print Textbooks: Large Print Textbooks with a Standard-Size Textbook Binding

NEW! Large Print Textbooks for your eReader!

The APH Large Print Process uses proprietary software to create large print textbooks at a standard textbook size! Inclusive classroom students appreciate carrying textbooks that look just like those of their peers. APH Large Print Textbooks are:

You can identify APH Large Print Textbooks by their catalog number prefix: A-L.

Traditional Enlarged Print Textbooks

We continue to offer our traditional APH Enlarged Print Textbooks. These books are bound in a larger-size binding that is bigger than a regular print textbook binding.

Type Sizes of Enlarged Print Textbooks

The type size of books enlarged by our traditional enlargement process is dependent on the type size of the regular print books from which our reproductions are made. The following chart provides descriptions of enlarged type based on an image area of 8 1/2 x 11 inches. The font shown is Arial (similar to Helvetica). Click here to see a PDF file with examples of point sizes.

Note: Because of wide variations in type font design, characters with the same point size may not have the same physical size when typefaces are compared. For example:

This difference in physical size may be even larger than in the above example, depending on the two typefaces being compared. Click here to see a PDF file comparing examples of the point sizes of Times and Helvetica fonts.

Braille Textbooks

These are the high-quality braille books offered by APH for many years.

Note: Braille books with a prefix of "2-" are not available for purchase with Federal Quota funds.

Contracted Braille

APH braille textbooks are embossed in English Contracted Braille unless otherwise indicated.


Prices are subject to change without notice.

Returns Policy — Please Note that Custom-Made Books Are Not Returnable

Note: (1) The following items may not be returned for any reason other than defects; (2) An order for the following books may not be canceled once production of the book has begun:

All other APH books are returnable, subject to the APH Returns Policy.

Note on Credit Card Orders

For credit card orders, APH requires the 3-digit security code, usually located on the back of your card (4-digit code on the front of American Express card). APH accepts Discover®, MasterCard®, Visa®, and American Express®.

Contact the Accessible Tests and Textbooks Department

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