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The high cost of refreshable braille devices (mechanical braille generated by computer-driven pins) has remained nearly constant for over 30 years. The Transforming Braille Group LLC agreed to fund development of a new technology proposed by Orbit Research.

This technology will make it possible for APH to offer the Orbit Reader 20™ for only $449!

Learn exciting details of the Orbit Reader 20 in this special article by APH’s Larry Skutchan.

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Orbit Reader 20: Refreshable Braille for Everyone!

Working with Orbit Research, APH is proud to announce that the Orbit Reader 20 will be available soon!

The Orbit Reader 20 will have a price point dramatically lower than similar devices on the market today. The Orbit Reader 20 is a small, portable device featuring:

Using the Orbit Reader 20

As a Stand-Alone Device: Users can read braille content stored on an SD card that plugs into the Orbit Reader 20. Content is loaded onto the card in one of two ways:

Connected to a Computer or Tablet: Users can connect the Orbit Reader 20 to a computer or portable device that uses a screen reader to:

Read High-Quality Transcribed Braille: There are multiple sources of available files transcribed into high quality braille. Some examples are: the National Library Service (NLS), American Printing House for the Blind (APH), and National Braille Press (NBP).

Read “Quick and Dirty” Braille: You may also use free translation software on the web to obtain “quick and dirty” braille. Some examples are: bookshare.org (generates braille formatted files from the titles in its library); DAISY Pipeline; and APH’s “Send to Braille.”

For additional information, including the Orbit Reader 20 User Guide and What’s New, go to tech.aph.org/or20.


Orbit Reader 20 ports

Will be Available for Order Soon!

Orbit Reader 20: $449.00 + shipping

Note: The Orbit Reader 20 will be available to both individuals and Federal Quota customers.

Compared to APH’s Refreshabraille 18

Learn more about the Refreshabraille 18.

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