APHont™: A Font for Low Vision

Free Font Download for Qualified Users

Sample of APHontAPHont™ (pronounced Ay’-font), was developed by APH specifically for low vision readers. APHont embodies characteristics that have been shown to enhance reading speed, comprehension, and comfort for large print users.

The entire APHont Suite is available free-of-charge to qualified users for non-commercial purposes. The APHont Suite consists of Regular, Bold, Italic, and Italic Bold. You must certify use for or by a person with a visual impairment before downloading.

Download APHont™


APHont™ Product Presentation

Trademark Information

APHont is proprietary material. APHont may not be altered or copied without express written permission from APH.

Note: APH makes no claim that APHont is an appropriate font for children who are just learning to read.

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