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APH ABIDE logo. Under the acronym ABIDE are the words "Accessibility. Belonging. Inclusion. Diversity. Equity." in APH branding colors of pomegranate, gold, green, purple, and teal.

What is APH ABIDE?

Access. Belonging. Inclusion. Diversity. Equity. These are the tenets that guide the work we do at APH. We believe in them so deeply that we have created APH ABIDE – a department of dedicated individuals who work to infuse these tenets into every aspect of our company. Led by Directors, Montreece Payton-Hardy and Bruce Sexton, APH ABIDE increases awareness of accessibility and usability obstacles, teaches others how to remedy those issues, highlights diverse trailblazers, help others understand why diversity and equity are essential, and fosters a sense of belonging throughout APH, our community, and the field of education.


Why is ABIDE so Important?

Every person should have the same opportunities, regardless of one’s disability, color, race, gender, age, sexual orientation, nationality, or any other marginalized groups. Equity has not been achieved yet in our society due to barriers and biases that prevent all groups from having the same opportunities. We are diligently working, both internally and throughout the broader community, to celebrate the accomplishments and address the gaps within disability access, diversity, equity, and inclusion spaces.


Join the Conversation

APH ABIDE wants to hear from YOU! All APH leaders, employees, blind or low vision people, parents, educators, and community partners are encouraged to engage with us via APH socials or email at We’ve been meeting with APH employees to have an open forum where questions about ABIDE’s mission and any day-to-day usability issues can be asked in an accepting, warm environment. If you’re reading this blog, you’re part of our community, and we would love to hear from you!