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A person in a lab coat and rubber gloves pulls a lever, and lightning crackles around a living braille cell on a metal table. APH logo and in green, dripping text the words BRAILLE REFRESHERS!

Braille Refreshers

Braille Refreshers is a program from APH that will “give your braille knowledge new life” (or refresh it) by sharing a weekly piece of braille instruction in the form of a no-stakes question that gives immediate feedback. The questions are created and responded to in SurveyMonkey.

Once you sign up, a new Braille Refresher question arrives in your email inbox every week. It takes about ninety seconds to complete a question, and each email comes with a braille code book reference and/or an additional study resource. This service was originally designed to support TVIs who are between braille students.

If you have an idea for a Braille Refresher question, please email it to We particularly appreciate submissions that include the question and a collection of answer choices. But we are open to any request or suggestion!

You can sign up today to receive weekly Braille Refresher questions and give your braille knowledge new life by completing the mailing list sign-up form and checking the box for Braille Refreshers. Braille on!

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Braille Refreshers Archive

Explore the questions below in the Braille Refresher archive. This archive will be updated regularly. Remember, these no-stakes Braille Refreshers are for fun. We are not here to test you or pressure you.