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Welcome to Virtual ExCEL Academy

APH Virtual ExCEL Academy

APH Virtual ExCEL Academy is back! New for 2022: we have shifted to after school hours and Saturdays. This means more opportunities for students to catch live classes. We have a range of classes focused on ECC areas taught by awesome professionals. You don’t want to miss these classes!!

Upcoming Virtual ExCEL Academy Webinars

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  • Date
    April 27, May 11, and May 25
    6:00–7:00 PM EST
    Academy Audience
    High school and post-high school students
    Session Titles
    April 27: College Prep – How to Make a Good Match
    May 11: College Prep – How to Determine if You’re REALLY Ready
    May 25: College Prep – How Do I Chose a Major and Other Important Questions
    When you’re asked the question, what do you want to do after high school, it might be easy to say, “I’m going to go to college.” But just what IS college in 2022? And how can you make sure you have the knowledge and skills to really prepare for the changes that college-and life after high school, will ask of you. We will explore this and more in this three session Excel Academy series.

    Attending college and entering the workforce with vision loss requires that you work now, to be the advocate and student that colleges assume you’re going to be. There are many ways to think about your post high school education to help you meet your goals. This series will help you understand how to search for a college (they are not all the same!), consider the skills (academic and blindness skills) you need to meet the demands, and to explore the pros and cons of college, including other ways to prepare for your life after high school, and entering the workforce. Topics will include college search, financial aid, choosing a major, the change in support from high school to college and work, The key to all of it? Your own knowledge, skills, and determination to do hard things.

    Leslie Thatcher
    Prerequisite Knowledge
    Know your current GPA, your current courses, and planned courses for the 2022-23 academic year.
    Learning Objectives
    Students will gain an understanding of the range of college options available, timelines that may serve their specific needs, and a greater understanding of the differences between high school and college expectations.
    Materials Needed
    Note taking tools
    Primary Core or ECC Area
    Compensatory skills, Social Interaction skills, Career Education, and Self-Determination
  • Date
    May 21
    12:00–1:00 PM EST
    Academy Audience
    All ages and disabilities
    Session Title
    Deductive Detective Skills 2.0
    In this class, students will continue the discussion of critical thinking skills. This time we will examine the questions we ask ourselves throughout the day. Throughout the day situations arise and we ask ourselves questions. Some questions are simple and straightforward, but other questions lead to more questions. In this class students will refine their questions in order to solve a mystery.
    Veronica Copenhaver
    Primary Core or ECC Area
    Compensatory skills, Self-determination, Social Interaction skills, Problem-solving, and Goal-setting

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