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Frequently Asked Questions

Louis Database

  • Louis contains information on accessible print materials produced by about 160 organizations throughout the United States. These materials include books in braille, large print, audio, and electronic file format. Louis also lists products developed by APH.

    Louis and the Louis Plus search assist educators, administrators and those who are blind or low vision, in locating accessible books and materials in an efficient manner.

    If you have problems or questions, APH Resource Services is happy to walk you through the search process and answer questions.

    Resource Services: 8:00AM – 4:30PM ET M-F | Phone: 800-223-1839, ext. 705

    E-mail: Toll-free Fax: 888-353-4858

  • You do not need an account to search Louis or Louis Plus. You do need an account to download files from the APH File Repository, which is part of the Louis Database. More information is available here:

  • The Louis Plus search locates accessible instructional materials in Louis, NIMAC, and Bookshare. From within the search results, you can:

    • Go to the NIMAC record and download the file or assign it to an Accessible Media Producer.
    • Go to the full Louis record to see all available formats.
    • Go to the Bookshare record and download a file.
  • Yes. Louis is a free service. Anyone can use it.

Shipping and Delivery

  • Delivery times are generally 2-3 weeks, which includes APH handling/order processing time. Normal APH order processing time is usually 5-10 business days before a product is actually shipped.

  • Free Matter for the Blind is a delivery method that is offered by the U.S. Postal Service and allows us to mail items free of charge. The only items we don’t allow to ship Free Matter are high-end electronic items, which we require to be shipped via UPS.

  • In order to ship internationally, you must first request a pro forma invoice. Certain items ordered by or for blind or low vision people can be shipped to most overseas destinations via Free Matter for the Blind (surface mail). These include, but are not limited to, books, paper, and slates/styluses.

    The shipping charges for all other APH items must be paid by the customer. We contract with a third party carrier for paid shipping services and will provide you a quote for that service prior to payment. We do recommend shipment by Priority Mail International® (air mail), as surface mail is slow.

    All export and/or import duties, brokerage fees, etc., are paid by the customer. Please check with your customs broker to make arrangements in advance.

  • There is no standard delivery time. Based on the product, the department handling the order will provide an estimate.

  • Free Matter for the Blind shipments are tracked with information sent to registered email addresses. If an item is sent via UPS, the customer can contact Customer Experience to receive a tracking number.

  • Shipment choices other than Free Matter within the U.S. include:

    • U.S. Postal Service® Priority Mail: Two-to-three day delivery to any address (including P.O. boxes). No additional charge for Saturday delivery. No Sunday or holiday delivery.
    • U.S. Postal Service® Express Mail: Guaranteed next day delivery to most addresses (including P.O. boxes), seven days a week, 365 days a year. No additional charge for weekend or holiday delivery.
    • United Parcel Service® (UPS) Ground: Four-to-seven day delivery to street addresses only (no P.O. boxes). No weekend or holiday delivery.
    • UPS 3-Day: Guaranteed three day delivery to street addresses only (no P.O. boxes). No Saturday, Sunday, or holiday delivery.
    • UPS 2-Day: Guaranteed two day delivery to street addresses only (no P.O. boxes). No Saturday, Sunday, or holiday delivery.
    • UPS Overnight: Guaranteed next day delivery to street addresses only (no P.O. boxes). Additional charges for Saturday delivery. No Sunday or holiday delivery.
  • Please visit our return policy page.

Additional Product Information

Need help finding something else such as a manual or software? Reach out to us.