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National Disability Voting Rights Week 2023

Round stickers reading “I VOTED” with starts and stripes reminiscent of the ones on the American flag scattered across a white background.

This week is National Disability Voting Rights Week! While this week was formally known as “National Disability Voter Registration Week,” the spirit of the week remains the same: to encourage disabled individuals to exercise their right to vote while also advocating for more accessible voting options.

People with disabilities make up the largest minority in the United States, but that truth is not reflected in the polls. As a whole, we should all be focused on making voting experiences more accessible. This can be accomplished through inventions like the Accessible Voting Machine. Additionally, some laws about voting directly affect the lives of people with disabilities, and it is important that the disabled community is able to have their voice heard.

Let’s work together to make voting a more accessible experience for all! Here are just a few ways to get involved during Disability Voting Rights Week:

  • Register to vote in your state. The first step to using your voice is registering to vote!
  • Apply for an absentee ballot.  Absentee ballots allow you to vote using all the assistive technology you have at your home. They are also an option if there are mobility or transportation barriers that prevent you from  physically going to the polls to vote in person.
  • Learn more about the assistive technology at the polls that can aid those who are blind or low vision.
  • Make sure to stay up to date with new laws that affect those with disabilities and can help you to continue fighting for more accessibility!
  • Continue to learn more about your rights and the rights of others and don’t hesitate to share what you learn with those around you. If you need a place to start, check out any of the articles linked below!

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