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All Aboard! The Sight Word Activity Express

This interactive and versatile set of magnetic print/braille labels will get your student excited and on the fast track to learning high-frequency sight words and common nouns.


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Catalog Number: 1-03558-00

Product Description

All Aboard! is a fantastic tool for instruction and assessment of a student’s recognition of sight (high frequency) words! The list of 220 words (prepositions, conjunctions, pro-nouns, adjectives, adverbs, and verbs), plus 95 nouns, is categorized according to grade level: pre-primer, primer, first, second, and third.

Words are divided into individual print/braille magnetic labels. The contracted braille/print labels are identified by black text on a yellow background with a diagonal cut in the upper right corner. The uncontracted (letter-by-letter) labels utilize a braille contraction in the “contracted” set, and are identified by black text on a white background with a curved cut in the upper right corner.

The accessory labels (noun, verb, contracted, uncontracted, one-syllable, two-syllable, short vowel, long vowel) accommodate a variety of sorting tasks, and are indicated by white text on a blue background with two opposite diagonal cuts. The accessory labels also include blank, white labels in multiple lengths for creating additional word labels. All of the labels can be stored and sorted in the binder using the provided word label pocket pages.

Blue magnetic sorting strips are provided in two lengths (10 1/2 x 1/2 and 8 1/2 x 1/2 inches) and help create charts, diagrams, and tactile/visual guide lines for positioning the word labels on the All Aboard! magnetic/dry-erase board. The Teacher’s Guidebook contains activity suggestions, and the sight word Assessment Checklist helps keep track of the word recognition progress of an individual. The CD-ROM includes accessible versions of the Guidebook and the Checklist.

    • Ages 5 and up
    • This product contains small parts and is not intended for children ages 5 and under without adult supervision.
    • UEB compliant
    • Contracted braille/print magnetic word labels
    • Uncontracted braille/print magnetic word labels
    • Accessory labels
    • Magnetic sorting strips stored in a clear 3-hole punched resealable pouch
    • Storage binder
    • Double-sided, 3-hole-punched word label pocket pages
    • All Aboard! magnetic/dry-erase board
    • Large print Teacher's Guidebook with CD-ROM
  • Is there a way to prevent the word labels from dropping out of the storage pages?

    To prevent the word labels from dropping out of the storage pages, be sure to tuck them under both the top and bottom flaps of each row. There is a magnetic insert that keeps a word label from sliding left or right, but the word label needs to be fully against the magnetic layer. Therefore, don’t use just the lower flap of each row to secure the word label.

    Can the binder be customized to accommodate the user?

    The storage pages have a lot of real estate at the top and bottom to apply a self-created braille and/or print label that indicates all the labels encountered on the storage page (e.g., braille contracted words beginning with “D”) for easier location of needed labels. Also, users can reduce binder weight by minimizing the number of storage pages to accommodate only the most needed/frequently used labels based on their personal preferences.

    Is there a quick method to sorting through the hundreds of labels?

    Store frequently used word labels on a cookie sheet, or on an APH’s All-in-One Board, to display a “word wall” for easier access to a greater number of labels during a given instruction period. Transferring word labels to individual storage bags, or boxes with separate compartments, can help you sort the word labels in a manner that is convenient and accessible. Also, running your fingers between the upper and lower halves of each slit will help you quickly scan for the braille label you are searching for.

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