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Best for a Nest, UEB

This interactive storybook provides an opportunity for the learner to focus on many concepts: position of objects, prepositional phrases, and use of tactile symbols.


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Catalog Number: 5-12301-01


This large print/braille storybook includes color illustrations on each page that depict the text.

Use of Storyboard:
The storyboard should be removed from the book so the child can use the included tactile symbol manipulatives (birds, nest, eggs, tree, branches, grass, and a cat) to illustrate what is happening on each page of the book – making the experience fun and meaningful. The child may need assistance when first placing tactile symbols on the storyboard, with less assistance anticipated as he/she gains experience.

Basic Concepts can be Explored:
• Counting – the number of branches, eggs, birds, nest, and cat
• Left and Right – as related to the tree, its branches, and positions of the bird(s), and cat
• Comparisons – of lengths of branches and sizes of birds
• Top and Bottom – of the tree and the page
• Around – the tree
• Concepts Can Be Extended
• Go outside and explore different trees and their branches with your child
• Visit a pet shop and have him/her hold a bird
• Find a bird nest and let the child examine it
• Compare different eggs of birds and chickens with him/her

Topics for Discussion:
• Why do birds sit on their eggs?
• Where do birds go when winter comes?
• What are the seasons of the year (sequence) and their difference?
• Why did the bird want to be safe from the cat?
• What kind of food did the bird find on the ground?

WARNING: CHOKING HAZARD — Small parts. Not intended for children ages 5 and under without adult supervision.

    • Ages 2 and up
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