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Annual Report 2012: Corporate

October 1, 2011 – September 30, 2012

Officers, Trustees, and Committees — Fiscal Year 2012

Dr. Charles Barr, Board Chairman

Corporate Trustees

Meet the APH Board of Trustees.

Corporate Officers

Ex Officio Trustees

Ex Officio Trustees are responsible for the administration of the federal Act to Promote the Education of the Blind of 1879. The Ex Officio Trustees are the executive heads of schools for the blind, the chief state school officers of each state department of education, or the executive officers of other agencies serving the blind. If they choose, these executives may designate the Trusteeship to an appropriate professional within their organizations.

Ex Officio Trustee Advisory Committees October, 2011 – October, 2012

The name of each member is followed by his or her term expiration date.

Educational Services Advisory Committee

Educational Products Advisory Committee

Financial and Production Highlights — Fiscal Year 2012

Revenue Dollar

Pie chart

Federal Quota 71.9%
NLS and Other Federal Agencies 12.6%
Non-government Contracts 5.4%
Other 10.1%

Types of Products Sold

Pie chart

Educational and Other Aids 52%
Large Type Publications 22%
Braille Publications 15%
Electronic Media and Other 11%

APH Production Highlights

Braille Pages Produced

Large Type Pages Printed

Audio Minutes Recorded

Executive Report, Fiscal Year 2012

Tuck Tinsley III, APH President

2012 was APH’s 154th year of operation. It was a good year, but not atypical of the last few years. Our focus was on the root of APH’s mission: products for blind and visually impaired people.

Developing needed products that are not commercially available was and is what drives us in the day-to-day work at APH.


APH currently provides approximately 1,000 “make to stock” products. In 2012, we brought to market 19 new or updated product families, which generated 101 new catalog items.

During 2012, a great deal of effort focused on the following seven products:

Tactile Town kit

Tactile Town is a useful, colorful, and fun kit that helps orientation & mobility professionals teach concepts related to street layouts.

The 101 new catalog items do not include textbooks. In 2012,

Products Catalog 12-13 cover

APH’s Products Catalog list hundreds of products for children and adults who are visually impaired and is organized in the Core and Expanded Core Curriculum areas.

Product-Related Resources

Product Training

New EOT trainees group photo

In May, 2012, eleven new EOTs were joined by “seasoned” Ex Officio Trustees Marie Piquion-Leach (NC) and Jim Olson (CO) to learn what it means to be an EOT. Back row (left to right) Jim Adams (OK), Carolyn Lasater (UT), Olive Isa’ako (AS), Craig Meador (WA), Jim Olson (CO), Martin Monson (TN), John Davis (MN). Front row: Margie Ortgiesen (IA), Erika Arbogast (PA), Kim Stiles (NH), Barb Engelbrecht (WY), Hollie Murdock, (UT), Marie Piquion-Leach (NC).

In the area of product training, we

Beyond Products and Product Services

APH is fortunate to have a healthy endowment and a corporate Board that allows its use on non-product activities related to our mission.

Examples of activities supported by the endowment in 2012:

Data from the FY2012 Federal Quota Census

Data for 2012 regarding the Act to Promote the Education of the Blind indicate the number of legally blind students registered was 59,193, an increase of 0.4% (254) from the number registered for FY 2011. The 2012 appropriation provided $308.04 per student for educational materials, a 1.2% ($3.65) decrease from the $311.69 per capita allocation in 2011. Of the 59,193 students, 9% (5,186) were registered as braille readers, 28% (16,635) as visual readers, 8% (4,728) as auditory readers, 21% (12,283) as pre-readers, and 34% (20,361) as non-readers. Of this group, 84% (49,794) were registered by state departments of education, 8% (4,859) were registered by residential schools for the blind, 6% (3,301) were registered by rehabilitation programs, and 2% (1,239) were registered by programs for the multiply disabled.

Total sales for 2012 were $28,908,000, up 9% from 2011. Quota sales of $21,949,000 were 76% of total sales, up 12% from 2011, and up in all areas.

As a percentage of total Quota sales,

Physical inventory results for 2012 were 99.98% accurate on an inventory value of $9.5 million.

As we enter APH’s 155th year of service, we continue our steadfast commitment to APH’s mission: “To promote the independence of blind and visually impaired persons by providing special media, tools, and materials needed for education and life.”

On behalf of APH’s Corporate Board and administration, we close by expressing sincere appreciation to our ex officio trustees for the valuable role they play in administering the Act, and to the employees of APH for their continuous efforts to provide appropriate materials for those we serve.

Respectfully submitted,
Charles Barr signature
Charles Barr, M.D.
Tuck Tinsley signature
Tuck Tinsley III, Ed.D.

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