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Captain Your Adventures with Code Jumper Puzzles!

A tablet sitting on a table displaying the Code Jumper Puzzle – A Day at the Amusement Park. On the tablet’s screen is an image of CJ, a blue cat-like creature riding a roller coaster with a box of popcorn in one and hand the other hand up in the air. Code Jumper pods lay on the table surrounding the tablet.

“Greetings from the planet Jumpiter! My name is CJ and I love going on adventures to new places. I’m visiting the planet Earth and would love for you to join me on my upcoming adventures.”


Meet CJ

Explore the world with CJ, the curious, blue, cat-like creature from outer space with our new, student-focused, puzzles for Code Jumper. Students can work independently or together to complete a variety of “choose your own adventure” activities with little instructor intervention. Each puzzle incorporates coding activities such as algorithms, loops, sequences, constants, and more!

Code Jumper is a hands-on product designed by Microsoft and developed by APH to teach students computer coding and programming skills through a unique, physical system. Code Jumper takes block coding off the screen and puts it on the table in front of you, making it accessible to all students. Brightly colored plastic pods with oversized buttons and knobs are connected by “jumper cables” (thick cords) to physically create computer code that can tell stories, music, and even crack jokes.


Where will CJ take you?

Our eight new Code Jumper Puzzles are available in accessible PDF, BRF, and audio files. Join along to:

  • Explore the Planet Jumpiter! – Ride around in a space rover and collect samples you think Earth’s scientists might like to study.
  • CJ Gets a Job! – Help CJ with his first day working at the pizzeria! You will help CJ put toppings on the pizza pies and find out how much they cost.
  • CJ Learns about the Water Cycle – Water is scarce on the planet Jumpiter so it’s your job to help CJ learn all about the water cycle on Earth.
  • Arrrr, Where be the Treasure? – CJ found a treasure map but needs your help to solve the clues. Are you brave enough to hunt for buried treasure with CJ?
  • CJ Solves a Riddle – I go all around the world but never leave the corner. What am I? Help CJ solve this riddle so he can share it with his friends at the pizzeria.
  • CJ’s Great Send Off – CJ needs your help getting the spaceship ready for flight and to initiate the launch sequence.
  • Bonus Puzzle: A Day at the Amusement Park – Before you and CJ go, create a schedule of things to do at the park. There are four different areas of the park: rides, food court, games, and prizes. Select one from each area to create your schedule!
  • Bonus Puzzle: Where does CJ go Next? – CJ is leaving Earth. Help them choose where their next stop will be.


What are you waiting for?! Use Code Jumper Puzzles now to start exploring and adventuring with CJ!

Code Jumper Puzzles are available for FREE download on the APH Code Jumper page and the Code Jumper website.

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