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CEUs and the APH Hive

A teacher and two young students sit around a table that has a blue Perkins brailler on top of it. One student is writing on a piece of paper, one student is using a refreshable braille display, and the teacher is writing in a notebook.

Are you an educator who holds a license? Do you consistently search for opportunities to earn CEUs? Look no further! The APH Hive can help!

What are CEUs?

Collecting Continuing Education Units (CEUs) is a career long pursuit for licensed educators. Attainment of units means hours of professional learning in order to meet necessary requirements for periodic license renewal.

How can APH help?

Hive courses are a solution to help educators have access to a comprehensive range of visual impairment related professional learning topics. Each course offers a certificate of completion detailing total number of professional learning hours, which can be submitted to local certifying offices in lieu of CEUs.

Why the Hive is valuable?

While courses in the Hive are categorized under various topics of interest and weighted differently according to the total number of hours to complete, all courses include the following:

  • Relevant and practical professional learning topics
  • Rigorous instructional content
  • Measurable learning objectives
  • Formative and summative assessment of learning
  • Application of content to professional practice

The next time you’re seeking a license renewal, be sure and let your certifying office understand the value of receiving Hive course certificates of completion in place of CEUs.


Buzz over to the APH Hive to check out all of our course offerings.

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